Recent Publications

Carl Magnus Leopold Bjuggren

PhD, Assistant Professor
Department of Economics



Bjuggren, C. M. and Elert, N. (2019). "Gender Differences in Optimism", Applied Economics, 51(47): 5160–5173.

Bjuggren, C. M. (2018). "Employment Protection and Labor Productivity", Journal of Public Economics, 157: 138–157.

Bjuggren, C. M. (2015). "Sensitivity to Shocks and Implicit Employment Protection in Family Firms", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 119(C): 18–31.

Anyadike-Danes, M., Bjuggren, C. M., Gottschalk, S., Hölzl, W., Johansson, D., Maliranta, M., and Myrann, A. (2015). "An International Cohort Comparison of Size Effects on Job Growth", Small Business Economics, 44(4): 821–844.

Dale Bowman

PhD, Associate Professor



Long, Helen, Oller, D. Kimbrough, and Bowman, Dale,2019,Reliability of listener judgments of infant vocal imitation, Frontiers in Psychology,doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01340.

Yoo, Hyunjoo, Buder, Eugene, Bowman, Dale, Bidelman, Gavin and Oller, D. Kimbrough, 2019, Acoustin correlates and adult perceptions of distress in infant speech-like vocalizations and cries, Frontiers in Psychology,doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2019.01154.

Oller, D. Kimbrough, Caskey, Melinda, Yoo, Hyunjoo, Bene, Edina, Jhang, Yuna,Lee, Chia-Cheng, Bowman, Dale, Long, Helen, Buder, Eugene, and Vohr, Betty, 2019, Preterm and full term infant vocalization and the origin of language, Scientific Reports, 9:14734. 1-10.

Farran, L., Yoo, H., Lee, C.C., Bowman, D., and Oller, D.K., 2019, Temporal coordination in mother-infant vocal interaction: A cross-cultural comparison, Frontiers in Psychology, 08, doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.02374.

Mills, Abigail, Foley, Sara, Williams-Hooker, Ruth, Rochelle, Christina, Bowman, Dale, 2019, Nutrition education provided by a dietetic intern improves the nutrition knowledge and behaviors of Mississippi high school culinary students, Journal of Food & Nutritional Sciences, 1(3), 99-105.


Carrasco-Harris, Malle, Bowman, Dale, Reichling, Steve, and Cole, Judith, 2019, Pedestrian paths in an urban forest do not influence spatial behavior of copperhead snakes, Journal of Urban Ecology, accepted.

Kalidas Jana

PhD, Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Economics



Banerjee, G., Das, A., Jana, K. and Shetty, S. (2017). Effects of Derivatives Usage and Financial Statement Items on Capital Market Risk Measures of Bank Stocks: Evidence from India," Journal of Economics and Finance, 41(3), 487-504.

Dovonon, P., Hall, A. R. and Jana, K. (2012). Inference About Long Run Canonical Correlations," Journal of Time Series Analysis, 33 (4), 665-683.

Banerjee, G., Das, A., Jana, K. and Shetty, S. (2010). Effects of Balance Sheet Factors on Indian Banks' Capital Market Risk Measures," The International Journal of Finance, 22 (2), 6443-6459.

Eryuruk, G., Hall, A. R. and Jana, K. (2009). A Comparative Study of Three Data-Based Methods of Instrument Selection," Economics Letters, 105, 280-283.

Eryuruk, G., Hall, A. R. and Jana, K. (2009). Contemporaneous and Long Run Canonical Correlations in the Linear IV Model: Implications for Instrument Selection," Economics Letters, 105, 83-85.

Hall, A. R., Inoue, A., Jana, K. and Shin, C. (2007). Information in Generalized Method of Moments Estimation and Entropy Based Moment Selection," Journal of Econometrics, 138, 488-512.

David M Kemme

PhD, Professor and William N. Morris Chair of Excellence
Department of Economics
University of Memphis
Co-Director, Data Science Cluster
FedEx Institute of Technology


Selected recent publications

"Tax Morale and International Tax Evasion," Journal of World Business, 55 (2020). With Bhavik Parikh and Tanja Steigner. 55, 2020

"The run-up to the global financial crisis: A longer historical view of financial liberalization, capital inflows and asset bubbles," International Review of Financial Analysis, forthcoming. With Saktinil Roy.

"Tax Havens, Tax Evasion and Tax Information Exchange Agreements in the OECD," European Financial Management, 23,3: 519-543 (2017). With Bhavik Parikh and Tanja Steigner. (Best paper award, most downloads, for European Financial Management, 2017).

"Exchange Rate Regimes and Welfare Losses from Foreign Crises: The Impact of the US Financial Crisis on Mexico," Review of International Economics, 25,1: 132-147 (2017). With Kayhan Koleyni.

"Foreign Direct Investment and Export Performance in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Indian IT Firms," Review of Development Economics, 18(4), 681-692, (2014). With Oleks Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy and Deepraj Mukherjee.

"Using Extraneous Information to Analyze Monetary Policy in Transition Economies" Journal of International Money and Finance, 28 (2009) 868-879. With William T. Gavin.