DRONES - Drones, RObotics, and Navigation Enabled Systems


The DRONES cluster at the FedEx Institute is committed to the development of innovative research, corporate partnership, an community engagement in all aspects related to Drones, Robotics, and Navigation Enabled Systems (including autonomous vehicles). We believe that Memphis has the potential to lead the nation in these areas by leveraging the organizations, the talent, and the abilities of the technology community in Memphis.

Through the DRONES initiative, the University of Memphis will be recognized as a thought leader in these highly advanced mobile platform technologies. DRONES is a key interdisciplinary program of the university's FedEx Institute of Technology which intends to help the university's students prepare for careers in the technology-oriented future, as well as supporting local industry with relevant, targeted research and training.

Research Efforts

DRONES initiatives include:

Research – Pure and applied research on all aspects of mobile platforms – robotics, autonomous vehicles, and drones – including rigorous scholarly examination of challenging industry problems.

Training, Certification Programs, and Educational Curricula – A world-class training and education center in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and drones.

Collaborative International Workshop – An international meeting place for academic and industry experts on mobile platforms providing a forum for a collaborative exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Technology Transfer – Utilizing the University's Office of Technology Transfer, we intend to convert new mobile platform innovations into commercial products, benefitting the region, the State of Tennessee, and our nation.

Through DRONES research, training, certification, and curricular efforts, DRONES is a valuable state and national resource, providing educational and outreach activities that foster next-generation workforce development.