Cluster to Advance cyber Security & Testing (CAST)


CAST LogoCAST is a collaborative effort of experts who lead research, education, and technology transfer at the FedEx Institute of Technology. Pulling together innovative partners and collaborators from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, CAST is especially equipped to address the ever changing cyber security and testing challenges that arise within corporations, governments, and other organizations across the Internet-connected world.

We help:

  • Provide proactive leadership of the region's response to constantly shifting cyber security challenges
  • Inform public policy and find cutting-edge solutions to protect the information of private corporations and Tennessee government agencies
  • Help the Department of Defense and national corporations with software testing education and research

We are led by:

  • The University's Center For Information Assurance, which is designated by NSA and DHS as a National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research
  • The Systems Testing Excellence Program (STEP), which is the largest university research and training center in the field

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Research Efforts:

Dr. Shiva, Dr. Deng and Dr. Bowman have further their cast cyber security research  by:

  • Dr. Shiva supported a grad student partially during 2018 Summer. He attended and presented the paper they have been working on at the IEEE/AC International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing, Zurich, December 17-20, 2018.
  • Dr. Deng and Dr. Bowman from the Mathematics department have written two papers: (a) eChaCha, A Scheme to Enhance ChaCha, (b) Enhanced Secure and Fast Encryption (eSAFE) Scheme for Constructing Secure Random Number Generators in 2018. They are actively searching for suitable conference/journal for their publications.
  • CAST Research Fellow Nirmalee Raddatz currently has 2 papers under review for publication in two A+ rated journals: Information Systems Research (ISR) Journal and at the Journal of Information Systems (JIS).