The Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory


Director: Max R. Paquette, PhD

Research Focus

The Musculoskeletal Analysis Laboratory (MAL) is a dynamic space dedicated to unraveling the interconnected actors influencing human performance and injury risks. Our mission encompasses a multifaceted approach, seeking to generate new knowledge and understanding while simultaneously applying these insights to areas such as health-related fitness, elite performance and task-specific capabilities. In essence, the MAL is a vibrant space where curiosity meets application, and where the pursuit of knowledge is intertwined with a commitment to improving human performance and well-being. Our research has been funded by New Balance, Decathlon and the American Athletic Conference among others.

Key Objectives

Application to Performance and Injury

The knowledge gained within our laboratory is not confined to theoretical realms. We actively strive to bridge the gap between research and real-world applications, be it in optimizing health-related fitness programs, enhancing elite athletic performance, investigating mechanisms for injury mitigation or tailoring interventions for task-specific achievements.

Human Movement Mechanics

Our focus extends to the mechanics of human movement, delving into responses and adaptations to exercise training across diverse populations. From athletes to healthy individuals, aging populations and those with disabilities or neuromuscular diseases, we aim to uncover insights that can inform tailored exercise prescriptions and interventions.

Neuromuscular Dynamics

Understanding the intricate interplay between the neuromuscular system and the development of force is a central aspect of our research. We explore time-dependent variables of muscular strength and delve into the nuances of how the neuromuscular system influences these crucial aspects.

Protocol Development

In our pursuit of excellence, we continually develop and evaluate innovative protocols for measuring human movement and performance. These protocols serve as the foundation for our research endeavors and are instrumental in advancing the precision and reliability of our analyses.

Resource Utilization for Education

The MAL, in parallel with the Biomechanics Laboratory for Teaching, serves as a hub for both research and education. Our resources are not only dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, but also to nurturing the next generation of researchers and professionals. We actively engage in research training activities and contribute to graduate and undergraduate academic programs.

This 2500-square-feet  facility serves as a nexus for investigating human movement, performance and injury risks across diverse populations. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our laboratory is committed to advancing the understanding of biomechanics in athletic, healthy, aging and pathological populations.

The MAL is not just a space, it's a dynamic hub where innovative technologies and methodologies converge to explore, understand and enhance human movement and performance across a spectrum of populations. It's where precision meets curiosity, and pursuit of knowledge is powered by cutting-edge instrumentation.