Centers + Institutes

Chida Ramanathan in lab

Center for Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement Research

The Center for Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement Research (CNDSR) investigates botanical agents, dietary ingredients and finished dietary supplements in terms of safety and efficacy, through the use of cell culture experiments, animal studies and human clinical trials.

A particular strength of the Center is the ability for scientists to perform both safety and efficacy experiments using raw materials, isolated ingredients and finished dietary supplements. This includes pharmacokinetic evaluations of new and existing ingredients, in addition to assay development using technology such as HPLC, GC/MS, LC/MS and other platforms. Studies can be performed using both animal models and human subjects, as well as cell culture.



BBRC - Sports Bra Performance

Breast Biomechanics Research Center

Established in 2022, the Breast Biomechanics Research Center (BBRC) at the University of Memphis has the overarching goal of enhancing women’s health through the application of the science of biomechanics. To achieve this goal, we perform foundational, translational and clinical research to support the development of breast-related practices and products that benefit breast health.

Our research is multidisciplinary and integrates the sciences of anatomy, biomechanics, artificial intelligence and computer vision as well as computer, electrical and biomedical engineering. A secondary focus of the BBRC is to raise awareness of breast-related health issues including activity-induced breast pain, breast support sizing and support, and breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.



Tiger Food Lab

Healthy Eating Institute

The Healthy Eating Institute (HEI) is a College of Health Sciences and Campus Recreation initiative. The mission of the HEI is to educate the community on optimal nutrient intake to support health and performance, and to provide nutrient-dense meal options to promote healthy living. A secondary focus is to utilize the institute programs to further promote education and nutrition-related research efforts within the College of Health Sciences.




Human Performance Center

The Human Performance Center's (HPC) mission is to increase the use and application of science in all areas of human performance. Every project or partner we engage with aims to increase the understanding of both the processes and benefits of applying science to human activity. This is achieved through applied research/projects, education and increasing access and opportunity.

The Center completes practical science projects to answer applied questions and challenges posed by our partners. While our main role is completing applied sport science research with our Memphis Tigers Athletics coaches and trainers, we also partner with teams, schools and corporate partners to solve their applied human performance challenges.