Graduate Majors and Concentrations

The Herff College of Engineering offers graduate programs at the masters and doctoral levels through its departments of Biomedical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, and Mechanical Engineering. A Graduate Certificate in Imaging and Signal Processing is available through the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. A Graduate Certificate in Packaging Engineering is available through the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In addition, the Department of Engineering Technology offers a masters program in engineering technology and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Lean Leadership. Students enrolled in the college at the masters level work toward the Master of Science (MS) degree. The doctoral program of the college leads to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) after successful completion of study and research in one of the following five concentrations: biomedical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering and engineering physics. Candidates for all degrees must follow a curriculum plan that has been approved at the departmental level and by the Director of Graduate Studies of the College.

All graduate students must comply with the general requirements of the University of Memphis Graduate School (see Admission Regulations, Academic Regulations, and Minimum Graduate Degree Requirements) and the program requirements of the degree being pursued. The Herff College of Engineering has additional college degree requirements. For information regarding specific degree program requirements and courses available, click on the appropriate link or contact the graduate program coordinator at Herff.

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Degree Offered



Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Physics

Mechanical Engineering 

Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Engineering 



Civil Engineering 

Agricultural Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Engineering Seismology Concentration, (MS)

Environmental Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Geotechnical Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Structural Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Transportation Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Water Resources Engineering Concentration, (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Concentration, (MS)

Electrical Engineering Concentration, (MS)


Engineering Management

Manufacturing  Concentration

Transportation Concentration


Engineering Technology



Mechanical Engineering 


Graduate Certificates (GRCT)


Applied Lean Leadership

Freight Transportation 

Imaging and Signal Processing


*NOTE: The Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biomedical Engineering are offered through a joint academic program with The University of Tennessee, Memphis.