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The History Department enthusiastically encourages history majors and minors to consider completing a portion of their undergraduate coursework through a U of M Study Abroad program. Studying history abroad means living, not just doing, history. Why study the history of Europe, or Africa, Asia, Latin America when you can study amid history in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Latin America?

 Let history come alive for you in the places you read about!

Studying in a foreign country will deepen your understanding of the history of the world in a wonderful and powerful way. And, you don’t even have to speak a foreign language; with over 350 programs, we can find the right program for you. Despite what you may fear, done right, study abroad can be affordable and it won’t delay your graduation. You will also be able to take history courses that are not available at U of M. You will augment your studies and your realm of experience. Study Abroad students generally have higher GPAs, graduation rates, and get better jobs and better pay! What are you waiting for?

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