STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher Leadership

The goal of the certificate program in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher Leadership is to develop the knowledge and skills of secondary mathematics, science, and engineering teachers and supervisors who are currently working in local area schools. The coursework is designed to promote in-depth understanding of current standards and instructional practices with a particular focus on building teacher leaders in STEM education and promoting STEM education in schools. Gainful Employment Disclosure.

X. Graduate Certificate in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher Leadership

A. Program Admission: Students interested in receiving a Certificate in STEM Teacher Leadership must be apply to and be accepted to this graduate certificate program. Applicants must hold a current teaching license. The courses may be completed as part of a degree program with the advisor's approval.

B. Program Requirements: A total of twelve (12) credit hours are required to complete this program.

  1. ICL 7720/8720, STEM Curriculum Leadership, 3 credits
  2. ICL 7721/8721, Seminar in STEM Teacher Development, 3 credits
  3. ICL 7722/8722, Teaching and Learning in STEM Classrooms, 3 credits
  4. ICL 7723/8723, Equity in STEM Education, 3 credits

C. Graduation Requirements

The student must complete all four required courses with an average grade of B (3.0) or higher, for a total of 12 credit hours. In the semester of graduation, the student must submit the Apply to Graduate form to the Graduate School and a Graduate Certificate Candidacy form to Graduate Analyst in Ball Hall 215 (3798 Walker Ave., Memphis, TN 38152) by the deadline specified by the Graduate School.