From left to right: Matthew Isaacs, David Miguel Gray, Rebecca Adams, Matthew Thomann, Christina Friedlander, Brian Kwoba

Catherine and Charles Freeburg Fellows

Photo Above, Spring 2020 Fellows: (Top Row) David Miguel Gray, Matthew Thomann, Christina Friedlaender
(Bottom Row) Matthew Isaacs, Rebecca Adams, Brian Kwoba

Applications for 2024 faculty and dissertation fellowships are now available.

Applications for 2024 faculty and dissertation fellowships are now available. For faculty fellowship information, click here. For dissertation fellowships, click here.

Please send complete applications for 2024 fellowships to moch@memphis.edu by Friday, March 17 at 5pm. For questions, contact Donal Harris.

The purpose of the Catherine and Charles Freeburg Fellows Program is to encourage, facilitate, and highlight excellent research in the humanities and cognate disciplines at the University of Memphis. This program allows recipients to write and research in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment alongside other research-active faculty members and advanced doctoral students. By supporting and showcasing the research being conducted by our faculty and students, these fellowships strengthen the ties between the university and local community and demonstrate the vital role played by the humanities in our culture.

The fellows program is named in honor of Catherine and Charles Freeburg, whose bequest funds it. The Freeburgs were involved with the University for many years. Catherine Freeburg received an MA in English in 1972 and taught in the department for a number of years. Charles and Catherine were both active members of the Memphis community and supported many organizations. The couple met when Catherine began working as a realtor for Freeburg and Hammond, Charles' real estate company. They lived on Tuckahoe, very near the UofM, their entire married lives.

Congratulations to the Spring 2023 MOCH Freeburg Fellows!

2023 Fellows


  • Bradley Dixon (Assistant Professor, History) Republic of Indians: Empires of Indigenous Law in the Early American South
  • Simranjit Khalsi (Assistant Professor, Sociology) Practicing Minority Religion: Sikhs in the West
  • Heike Polster (Associate Professor, World Languages and Literatures) Against the Tyranny of Time: Unnatural Feminist Narratology and Postwar Literature in German
  • Kathy Lou Schultz (Associate Professor, English) Black Dada and Afro-Surrealism: Routes of Race in the Avant-Garde


  • Gul Hos (English), Reproductive Migrant Labor in Contemporary Black Women’s Fiction
  • Jasper St. Bernard (Philosophy), ‘Iola’ the Hierophant: Ida B. Wells-Barnett on the Monster

2022 Fellows


  • Darryl Domingo (Associate Professor, English), ‘Shop-Rhetorick’: Advertising and the Arts of Persuasion in Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Diana Ruggiero (Associate Professor, World Languages and Literatures), Fostering Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity through Community Engagement in the Post-Pandemic Classroom
  • Lindsey Stewart (Assistant Professor, Philosophy), Black Feminism, Refusal, and Pandemics
  • Micah Trapp (Associate Professor, Anthropology), Broccoli in Ruins: An Anthropological Account of How Food Becomes School Food


  • Reese Faust (PhD Candidate, Philosophy), Dworkin, Dignity, and the Body: Constructing a Critical, Carnal Legal Hermeneutic
  • Hagar Abdelrahman (PhD Candidate, History), The Pharaonic Cultural and Linguistic Survivals in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Egyptian Arabic


Past Fellowship Winners