Guidelines for Conferences, Festivals, and Large Events 

The School of Music will provide planning support and space at no cost for your event or conference (subject to availability) as well as the stock configuration of tables and chairs for the space used. The School of Music will not provide any marketing, staffing, tech support, video editing, equipment, cleaning, security, parking, food or beverage for your event or conference. These resources must be arranged through Conference and Event Services.

These three steps must be completed before an event can be officially scheduled in the School of Music:
1. Meet with School of Music Events & Operations Manager to determine if space is available and review event procedures and any specifics of the upcoming event. The Events & Operations Manager is the point of first contact for any questions regarding preparation for a festival or large event. They will be able to advise you on what can be handled internally by the School of Music and what will need to be handled by Conference and Event Services.
2. If minors are involved, all University sponsored and hybrid/co-hosted programs involving minors on campus are required to register their program with the University in order to ensure an adequate risk analysis is performed and that the appropriate on campus partners (e.g., Campus Safety, Conference & Event Services) are informed. Initiators of the request are considered to be the point of contact for the program. Event coordinators should visit the Educational Initiatives website for more information. Register online and receive approval in advance from Educational Initiatives.
3. Meet with Marketing & Communications Officer and Recruitment & Enrollment Officer to plan marketing and recruitment needs. 


The purpose of this page is to provide a step-by-step guide of the required planning and preparation that ensures a safe and enjoyable event.

  1. 6-7 months before
  2. 4 months before
  3. 2 months before
  4. 1 month before
  5. 3 weeks before
  6. 2 weeks before 
  7. 1 week before 
  8. week of event 
  9. week after event 

I. 6 - 7 months before festival (or as soon as possible) 

  1. Complete the Minors on Campus Policy Review Training. This is the first step in hosting minors on campus for an event, field trip, or camp.
  2. Review the UofM Checklist for Program Coordinators.
  3. Check in with the Business Officer to determine if the budget is available for the festival/event. 
  4. If a change fee request is needed, prepare the Change in Amount of Fee Request form and submit it to the Business Officer.
  5. Determine registration method.
    • For Qualtrics forms, faculty will create. For help accessing Qualtrics survey software, email umtech@memphis.edu.
    • For UofM Marketplace, email hzrobbns@memphis.edu.
    • View upcoming events on our events page for examples of various festival registration pages. 
  6. Decide on what spaces are needed which might include spaces for registration, performances (including lobby and balcony areas), green rooms, dressing rooms, rehearsals, master classes, storage space for belongings, and rest area for clinicians. 
  7. Create a festival schedule. Download schedule sample.
  8. Set a deadline for repertoire selection, if necessary, and communicate the date to the clinician. Work with Business Officer to order or rent any necessary music.
  9. Contact Chartwells for catering options. Chartwells is the exclusive caterer on the University of Memphis campus.
  10. Make hotel reservations, Holiday Inn University of Memphis.
  11. Reserve dinner space on campus using EMS (UC, Rose Theatre, Lobby, etc.).
  12. List personnel needs:
    • Guest clinicians, conductors, or artists in residence - request headshots and bios.
    • Staff & Support Personnel - Who is needed? (faculty, staff, GA’s, student volunteers, etc.) Who will be helping you plan and run the event? Who is involved? What are their roles?
    • Volunteers - How many are needed? How will they be used?
  13. Contact the Marketing & Communications Officer to discuss a marketing plan and timeline which include decisions on printed materials, invitations, social media, webpage updates, etc. 


II. 4 months before festival 

  1. Submit room/setup requests to scheduling_music@memphis.edu. Setup requests should include information such as: requests for room arrangements, chairs, stands, trashcans, doors unlocked, etc.
  2. Determine travel needs:
    • If clinicians would like their flight arranged for them, Travelennium - Peggy Robinson, probinson@travelennium.com, handles university travel.
      • Request flight options from Travelennium, providing dates and preferred time(s) of flight(s). Forward options from Travelennium to the clinician. 
      • Once the clinician selects the preferred flight, send chosen flight information to the Business Officer so a purchase order number can be provided. Be sure to send the following information to the Business Officer with the flight information:
        1. Name as it appears on government issued ID
        2. Date of birth
        3. Gender as it appears on government ID
        4. Contact phone number
      • After Travelennium books the flight, send final details to the clinician. 
    • If clinicians want to arrange their own flights:
      • The clinician must submit costs before booking so they can be approved by the Business Officer.
      • Once approved, the clinician may book and email the final receipt for reimbursement.
      • For reimbursement, the clinician will need to email a copy of their photo ID and a completed W9 form.
    • For driving:
      • Go to MapQuest and figure the mileage clinician will travel from their home to the Music Building (3775 Central Ave. Memphis, TN 38111).
      • Prepare a travel reimbursement claim form for mileage to be reimbursed (it will automatically calculate in the space on the form). Travel from their home to the University and from the University back to their home should be included (round trip).
      • Business Officer will use the estimated mileage to create a purchase order and will also create a travel claim for the clinician to sign. The clinician must send a completed W9 form and copy of photo ID with the signed travel claim.
  3. Send the following information to the Marketing Office:
    • registration and payment link
    • clinician’s headshot and bio
    • CSV file of prospective attendee, past attendee email addresses for invitations
  4. Contact the Recruitment & Enrollment Officer to give notice of the event. Request any recruiting materials or promotional items using the Recruitment & Materials Request form
  5. Follow-up on fee change request, if submitted.
  6. Order music, if needed. 


III. 2 months before festival 

  1. Prepare contracts for clinicians:
    • Send name, date, event, and contract amount to Business Officer with a contact email address for clinician.
    • Note that most guest artists are paid after an event has taken place, but if necessary, a check can be requested to give to clinician while they are here.
  2. Check in with the Scheduling Coordinator about room reservations.
  3. Write letters to include with email (acceptance letter, student information letter, etc.), if needed. Download examples below. 
  4. Find parental consent form to attach to email.
  5. Find campus map for email and add any markings to help participants. Download campus map with music building marking. For more information about guest parking, see SoM events page
  6. Request parking permits for participants from parking services, email gmsharpe@memphis.edu.
  7. Submit any additional information to the Marketing Office.


IV. 1 month before festival 

  1. Create a volunteer sign-up to enlist the help of volunteers; communicate their responsibilities; email them a schedule. Download examples below. 
  2. Volunteers utilized in any University program should be registered with the Tennessee Board of Claims. Volunteers may include, but are not limited to, members of the community serving on University committees and students who provide services for various departments or programs. Student leaders (i.e.; SGA president) as well as unpaid persons in athletics and other areas are considered volunteers. Graduate assistants and other student workers who receive wages from the University do not need to register. Registration is necessary for both the volunteer and the University to be protected from liability for claims arising out of the volunteer’s service on behalf of the University. Complete online UofM Volunteer Form.
  3. Copy music for participants.
  4. Follow up with the Scheduling Coordinator about room requests and any adjustments that are needed.
  5. Whenever registration and payment links are open, begin monitoring those sites
  6. Discuss additional marketing support options based on registration numbers with Marketing and Recruitment Offices. 


V. 3 weeks before festival 

  1. Submit program content and number of requested copies to the Marketing Office. Include order of program and program notes, if desired. View program example
  2. Continue to monitor registrations and payments.


VI. 2 weeks before festival (or after students are selected)

  1. Email students, directors, teachers the acceptance letters for festival. Include: 
    • Parental consent form
    • Fee payment details (link or instructions on how to pay for participation). Download example.  
    • Schedule. Download example
    • Festival details (food/meals, parking, expectations, pick-up/drop-off, concert attire, directions, music, etc.). Download example
    • Campus Map
  2. Monitor personal email daily.
  3. Document returned signed parental consent forms.
  4. Monitor and document daily payments and registrations.
  5. Check in with Facilities Manager to finalize check-in tables, trash cans, and any other needed items for event.


VII. 1 week before festival

  1. Continue to monitor email and document parental consent forms and payments.
  2. Send reminder emails for parent consent forms, festival fee payments, and festival details (parking, music, meals, etc.).
  3. Confirm details for hotel and food accommodations.
  4. Make signs (check-in, room assignments, directional, etc.)
  5. Send reminder email to all volunteers and staff with schedule and expectations; meet with volunteers if necessary. Download example


VIII. week of event 

  1. Continue to monitor email and document parental consent forms and payments.
  2. Print schedules for volunteers, staff, and participants. Download example
  3. Send any event signage/directions that may need to be displayed around the building for the event to marketing for approval. Once approved, print signage. 
  4. Prepare and print registration check-in pages (include participant name, phone, emergency contact, email, school, grade, instrument, payment received, parental consent form received, etc.). Download example
  5. Make name tags for staff, volunteers, and participants. Download example.
  6. Prepare & gather items for registration table to include registration check-in pages, schedules, campus maps, if needed, name tags, extra parental consent forms, if needed, parking passes, signs, pens/pencils
  7. Send information to the Marketing Office. 
    • Submit program personnel list (students playing) as soon as possible to be added to the program.
    • Send Parental Consent Forms to keep on file for Photo Releases. Photos of minors cannot be shared online or in-print without consent forms.
    • Email complete registration list. This should include name, email, school, grade level, instrument, etc. 


IX. week after event 

  1. Send "thank you" email to participating students/teachers and people/departments who helped with the event (Business Officer, Marketing Office, Scheduling Coordinator, Recruitment, Residence Life, Parking Services, etc.).