Choral Ensemble Audition Procedure

Auditions will be held in person on Thursday, Aug. 19 from 1-6:30 PM. at the Music Building. Check-in at MU 113 at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time.
The second portion of your audition will take place in the Choir Room (G8).

Students required to audition:

If one of these statements applies to you, you are required to complete the Choral Audition process:

  • students wishing to sing in University Singers or Chamber Choir;
  • music majors with voice as their primary instrument at University of Memphis;
  • students currently holding a Voice Scholarship;
  • students wishing to earn a Choral Scholarship.

Auditions are not required if you wish to sing in:

  • the new Soprano/Alto Choir - MUAP 4264 or
  • the new Tenor/Bass Choir - MUAP 4265 or
  • Voices of Inspiration Gospel Choir - MUAP 4266.

Register for the class, and you are all set! (No need to continue below.)

Choral Ensembles and Rehearsal Times


Rehearsal Time



University Singers M, W, F 1:45-3:15 PM Choir Room (MU G8) Dr. Cathlina
Soprano/Alto Choir T,R 11:20-12:45 PM Psych Auditorium Dr. Cathlina
Tenor/Bass Choir T,R 11:20-12:45 PM  Choir Room (MU G8) Dr. Frizzell

Read more about our Choral Ensembles.

Choral Scholarships Available

Choral Scholarships of up to $1,000 will be given primarily to music minors or non-music majors wishing to sing in an auditioned choral ensemble!
To earn one of these prestigious scholarships, complete the Choral Audition. Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of your audition.

Choral Audition Form

To secure your choral ensemble audition, complete the Choral Audition Form. In the form, you will be directed to the SignUpGenius page to select your audition time.

Audition Components

Your audition will consist of: 

  • Sight Reading - in MU 113 after Check-In
    • You will be asked to sight-read three examples of increasing difficulty.
    • You may use any method of sight-reading you choose (solfege, numbers, neutral syllable).
    • To begin your 30-second practice time, you will be given the tonic chord and the starting note of the exercise. If you do not require all 30 seconds to practice, inform the adjudicator that you will begin your performance.
    • Sing the exercise at a consistent tempo of your choice. 
    • If the exercise proves too difficult, no problem! Stop and inform the adjudicator that you are unable to continue. 
    • You will then proceed to the Choir Room (G8) for your final audition portion.
  • Vocalizations
    • This may consist of ascending and descending scalar passages or arpeggiations.
  • A prepared solo piece
    • Select 1 ½ -2 minutes of a solo piece that best represents your vocal ability.
    • If your piece is longer, simply choose an excerpt.
    • The Choral Faculty may stop you before the end of your excerpt to ensure that we stay on track with the schedule.
    • You must bring a copy of your music for your collaborative pianist (provided for you).
    • If you do not have a prepared solo, you can sing My Country ‘Tis of Thee unaccompanied in any key to demonstrate your vocal ability.
  • Rhythm Reading
    • You will be asked to read a single rhythmic line on the neutral syllable, “pah.”
    • After turning over the paper, you will set a consistent tempo and read it at sight.
  • A brief interview
    • This will consist of a couple of questions for the Choral Faculty to get to know you.

Audition Procedure

  • Arrive at MU 113 in the Music Building to check-in at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time to ensure you’ve filled out the necessary Choral Audition Form (see above) and to complete your Sight-Reading portion.
  • Proceed to the Choir Room (G8) and do not enter since someone may be completing their audition. Wait to be called in.
  • Complete the rest of your audition process with the Choral Faculty, and you are all done!
  • Monitor your email for a callback email.


Students selected for callbacks for University Singers and Chamber Choir will be notified via their UofM email address by Friday evening. Callbacks will take place Sunday, Aug. 22 from 1-4 PM in the Choir Room (G8). Students are expected to keep their schedules clear during this time to prevent conflicts.

If selected for a callback, you will receive a packet of musical excerpts via email. You are encouraged to practice and learn your vocal line prior to arriving at callbacks.Upon arrival, you will be placed into octets to sing through the packet unaccompanied. Dr. Cathlina may work briefly with each octet.

At the end of this process, students will be placed into the ensemble best suited for their growth. Results will be emailed by Sunday evening. 

Students selected for University Singers should immediately add the course MUAP 3006 to their schedule.

  • University Singers will meet on the first day of school at their regularly scheduled rehearsal time on MWF from 1:45-3:15 PM in the Choir Room (G8).

Students selected for Chamber Choir should immediately add the course MUAP 3601 to their schedule.

  • Chamber Choir will meet on the first Tuesday at the regularly scheduled rehearsal time on TR from 1:00-2:25 PM in the Psych Auditorium.

What course should I register for in the meantime?

All Voice Majors should register for University Singers (MUAP 3006). Registration does not mean that you will automatically be selected for the ensemble. An invitation into this ensemble is earned through a formidable audition.

All students on a Voice Scholarship should register for University Singers (MUAP 3006) AND the SSAA ensemble (MUAP 4264) or the TTBB ensemble (MUAP 4265) and hold the Tuesday/Thursday 1:00-2:25 pm time slot in the event that they are selected for Chamber Choir.

All non-music majors should register for University Singers (MUAP 3006). Registration does not mean that you will automatically be selected for the ensemble. An invitation into this ensemble is earned through a formidable audition.

If you are interested in singing in our new SSAA or TTBB ensembles as a second ensemble, register for them as well:

  • SSAA choir - MUAP 4264 
  • TTBB choir - MUAP 4265

If you have additional questions not listed here, email Dr. Cathlina.