Calling the Next Generation of Public Health Leaders:

Why UofM SPH?

In national and county health rankings, Memphis ranks poorly for overall health outcomes and health risk behaviors. Although Shelby County ranks reasonably well for good availability of quality healthcare this is in stark contrast with the poor and inequitable health status in many parts of the community. As a metropolitan research university, the University of Memphis is dedicated to generating new knowledge and best practices with recognition that we seek to provide practical solutions to the problems that impact the community we serve. We provide numerous experiences for our students to increase their capacity for engagement and service. Our academic degree programs enjoy strong relationships with the Shelby County public health department and healthcare community. An emphasis on cultural competence of our students is central to our training, and we support one of the first nationally accredited training programs for health care interpreters. Through our advisory councils and community members participating in School activities, we continue to enhance our public relations and networking between the SPH and leaders in business and labor, government, health care, and voluntary associations