Student Associations

SPH student associations facilitate communication and cohesiveness among students and with faculty, provide opportunities for academic and professional growth through collaboration with community organizations and volunteer events, and organize campus events that promote public health. Both the MHA Student Association and the Public Health Student Association are also great resources for students who are new to the university or the Memphis area, fostering connection and involvement.

MHA Student Association

The MHA Student Association (MHASA) is the student activity arm of the MHA program. MHASA is a formal student chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives and was established in 1993. In addition to opportunities for students to serve as leaders within MHASA, the organization provides all students several professional networking and community service activities throughout the year, including working with the local Ronald McDonald House, Memphis Zoo's annual Le Bonheur Zoo Boo, and Youth Villages. Our student leaders also serve as liaisons to the University of Memphis Graduate Student Association and Registered Students Organizations and to the local chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (Mid-South Health Care Executives) and the National Association of Health Services Executives – Memphis Chapter.

The objectives of the MHASA are: (1) to promote an environment conducive to educational and ethical development of professional, personal, and social skills in a manner that will produce effective leaders in healthcare, (2) to provide a vehicle for constructive student involvement, recognition, and representation in the profession of healthcare administration, (3) To develop an association with local and regional healthcare executive groups to enhance academic and career opportunities, (4) To inform members, potential members, and others in the community of the purposes of the College; its goals, programs, and benefits, (5) to provide students, faculty, and practitioners a forum for professional interaction and dialogue concerning issues in healthcare administration, and (6) to contribute to the quality of the CAHME accredited MHA program at the University of Memphis.

2022-2023 Officers

President: Taryn Mouhot
Vice-President: TJ D’Angelo
Secretary: Diveena Davis
Treasurer: Sharde’e Shuttlesworth
RSO Chair: Grace Ann Thompson
ACHE Representative: Jeremy Earnest
NAHSE Representative:  Lillian Hoxie

Public Health Student Association

The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) strives to create a strong and enduring foundation for future public health leaders.

The PHSA mission is to (1) promote awareness of career and academic issues related to the field of public health by serving as a voice to the faculty and administration, (2) support all public health students at UofM academically, professionally, and socially, (3) organize health-related volunteer activities within the community, (4) collaborate with health organizations agencies, and associations regarding public health programming activities, (5) encourage students to actively pursue educational and professional development, and (6) host regular social events for public health students to foster positive interactions among students, faculty and staff.

The objectives of the PHSA are to: (1) foster a rewarding graduate school experience for its members, (2) develop a sense of community among all students and staff in the School of Public Health, (3) provide members with resources that will enhance their professional careers, (3) coordinate communication among student organizations in the School of Public Health, (4) expand opportunities for student professional development, (5) facilitate student dialogue with local, state, and national organizations, (6) promote research opportunities through collaborative public health approaches to disease prevention and health promotion, and (7) foster communication among students, SPH faculty, staff, and administration. For more information, email the Public Health Student Association or visit our Facebook group.

2023 Officers

The School of Public Health is excited to announce the results of the Public Health Student Association (PHSA) elections!
(The individuals with an asterisk by their names are PHSA Board members.)


Tony Lugemwa*Tony

PhD Social & Behavioral Sciences
Email: tlugemwa@memphis.edu

As outgoing Vice President, I have learned that to take the Public Health Student's Association to greater heights, we must work together as a united team. Our mission, as future leaders of public health, is that we must serve and give ourselves willingly to promote the greatest good in our homes, communities, and country.

I am honored and excited to serve as the 2023 President of the Public Health Student Association (PHSA). I am passionately committed to see PHSA grow to greater heights, while fostering a sense of community through the events that will bring us together.

I look forward to working tirelessly with the new incoming executive board of PHSA, partner organizations, and the Dean's office to provide opportunities for all those who are part of PHSA.

My hope is that during the next year everyone who is a part of our organization will feel valued and appreciated.

Vice President

Sushmitha Nandiki*Sushmitha Nandiki

MPH Epidemiology
Email: snandiki@memphis.edu

Secretary: Olivia Lauren Lawhorn* (MHA)

Treasurer: Pratiksha Bhagwat* (MPH); Co-Treasurer: Emily Shepard

Communications and Social Media: Clarion Harris* (PhD); Co-chair: Ayesha Mukhopadhyay

Community Service: Aniyah Bonds* (BSPH) Co-chairs: Namuun Batbaatar; Olayinka Kasunmu

Social Events: Arianna Davis* (BSPH) Co-chairs: Farah Faizah; Lakaiyah Givens-Smith