Printing Reports with ePrint

Use ePrint to access reports on scheduling and enrollment topics as Schedule Proofs, Permits Issued Reports, Class Rosters, and more.


Login to the portal and select your "Employee" page. When you see the ePrint portlet, click on "Banner Student Repository" to see a list of available reports.

Banner ePrint Channel


Class Rosters

If you have authorized access, you will see SFRSLST – Class Roster.  Select the PDF document for the most current report.  If you do not have access and need it, please contact the Registrar Office (see Help below) to see if your security is set up properly.


  • Click on the PDF icon to see the most recent version of the report. (All reports are in Adobe's pdf.)

  • Click on the drill icon to view previous versions of the report.

  • Use the bookmarks on the side to select your department.

  • Increase your viewing size by selecting the “+” symbol.

  • To print particular pages of a report:

    1. Locate the pages you want to print. Make a note of the page numbers (first and last) that you are interested in.

    2. Click on the Printer icon or select File-Print from the menu to print the pages.

    3. In the Print window that appears, indicate that you want to print selected pages or a range of pages, and then type in the beginning and ending page numbers of the range in the space provided (ex.: 494-553). Do not select ALL of the report's pages for printing or click "print" without selecting a range. If you are not careful to select a range, you could end up receiving all 700 pages of a report when you only want 70 pages.


For further assistance with ePrint, contact the Registrar's Office.