Submit final course grades using Banner 9 Faculty Self Service.

Tips for a Successful Experience with Faculty Grade Entry

  • Access Faculty Grade Entry through your web browser (Chrome, Edge, etc.). Note: Using Safari has been known to cause issues with some forms.

  • Classes default alphabetically by course prefix and number. The best way to locate your courses for grading is to enter the appropriate term code (e.g., 202310) in the search bar.

    Term Code Explanation Chart

    Year + Month Term Starts + Zero = Term Code
    2023 + 1 (January 1st month) + 0 = 202310
    2023 + 5 (May 5th month) + 0 = 202350
    2023 + 8 (August 8th month) + 0 = 202380

  • When selecting a roster for grading, a new page will not open. Instead, you will need to scroll down beneath your list of classes to see the roster in the 'Enter Grades' section.

  • All students MUST be graded in Banner 9 Faculty Self Service. Grades entered in Canvas are NOT automatically added to the student’s academic record at this time; however, we are currently testing this option and hope to have it available by the end of the year.

  • Academic status and grades are not considered directory information and cannot be released to someone over the phone. You may, however, discuss academic status and grades with a student in person.

  • You may email a grade to a student, but only to the student's UofM email address. However, since students may access grades on Student Self Service after grades are official, this should not be necessary.

  • To view more information on a student, click their name to be taken to their Student Profile.

Access Banner 9 SSB Faculty Grading

There are multiple ways to access your class roster to submit your grades, and all begin with logging into the myMemphis portal. If prompted to select a profile when logging in, choose Faculty and Staff. 

myMemphis Faculty Menu
Once logged into the portal, click on the ‘Faculty’ menu. Select 'Faculty Grading' (most efficient route). Here you will see options for both Midterm and Final Grading, as well as links to the Grade Change Tool.

Faculty menu with Faculty Grading item selected

From the 'Faculty' menu, you could also select 'Faculty Self Service' and then 'Final Grades' or 'Class List'.

Select the Course for Grading

  1. Via Clicking 'Final Grades'
    The Faculty Grade Entry - Final Grades  page will display all sections that show you listed as Instructor of Record, along with the Grading Status of each course. Courses marked ‘In Progress’ indicate grades have either not been entered, or there are still some that need to be graded. Status buttons are also listed under the ‘Rolled’ column to indicate when the grades have been rolled to the student’s transcript.

    • Courses will display ‘All Terms’ by default, listing them alphabetically by Course Prefix and Number. The best way to locate your section(s) is to enter the appropriate term code (e.g., 202310) in the search bar. This will display all sections for the term code. You can also enter your CRN to find an individual section.

      Term Code Explanation Chart

      Year + Month Term Starts + Zero = Term Code
      2023 + 1 (January 1st month) + 0 = 202310
      2023 + 5 (May 5th month) + 0 = 202350
      2023 + 8 (August 8th month) + 0 = 202380

      You can also sort by clicking any of the column headers. For example, if you click the 'Term' column header, it will sort chronologically, displaying your current term at the top.
      term column and search bar

      You can also navigate through your courses by clicking the page arrows or changing the number of records per page using the controls in the bottom right corner.

    • Click on the course you wish to grade. The selected course will be slightly grayed out once selected and will display the student roster in the section BENEATH the course listings in the ‘Enter Grades’ section. Depending on the number of courses you have, you may have to scroll down to see the ‘Enter Grades’ section.

      Enter Grades section displays beneath Grading Status section

  2. Via Clicking 'Class List'

    When selecting ‘Class List’ from any of the locations in the myMemphis portal, you will be taken to the ‘CRN Listing’ page, where you can sort by Term, using the drop-down option.

    • Select the appropriate term for grading.

      All Terms dropdown selected

    • This will display all sections assigned to you for the term selected. Click on the appropriate course. Note: If you click the course title, it will display a synopsis of the course details.

      course details

      To get to the actual roster, click anywhere on the course information line. This will display your class list where you will see ‘Enter Grade’ on each student that needs to be graded. Click ‘Enter Grade’ on any student to be taken directly to the Grade Roster.

      Enter Grade option next to each student

Enter Grades on the Grade Roster

Note: Some students on your grade roster may have a name change or may be identified using their preferred name. For more information, click the student’s name to be taken to their student profile. If you need assistance in verifying student identity, please refer to the student U# or call 901.678.2810.

  1. The ‘Final Grades’ Screen will display course information in the top section titled ‘Faculty Grade Entry’. Your course roster will appear in the section DIRECTLY BENEATH your course listings, titled ‘Enter Grades’. As you enter grades, you will see ‘In Progress’ under ‘Grading Status’. Once grading is finalized, the Registrar’s office will roll grades to the student’s transcript. This status is reflected under the ‘Rolled’ column.

  2. Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate grade option for each student enrolled in your class. If the grade options do not seem appropriate for the section, or if no options are listed, contact the Registrar's Office. There could be a problem with the grade mode.

    DO NOT
    enter a date in the Last Attend Date column for students who COMPLETED the class. This column is used to report stopped-attending or never-attended data.

    DO NOT enter anything in the ‘Hours Attended’ column for students who COMPLETED the class. This is used to report never-attended/'FN' for failure due to non-attendance. 

    Enter Grades screen. Grading roster shown with Final Grade drowdown displaying grade options.

  3. Incomplete Grades: Effective Spring 2023, UG and GR students have one major term to complete their incomplete assignments when given an “I” grade. All students assigned an Incomplete will be given automatic access to complete their coursework in Canvas.

    For students who have not completed their work and must be given an incomplete grade, faculty should select an “I” grade on the Final Grades roster.

    Once you click ‘Save’, the roster will display only students with incompletes, displaying the Incomplete Final Grade and the default Incomplete Extension Date, which is the last day of the next major term.

    Incomplete Final Grade: Once an incomplete is assigned and subsequently saved, you will see an ‘F’ populated in the ‘Incomplete Final Grade’ field. This indicates that once the extension date is met, the ‘I’ will automatically change to an ‘F’.

    Please note: If standard grading is not applicable to the course, enter the equivalent failing grade of ‘U’ or ‘NC’ in the ‘Incomplete Final Grade’ field. If you do not update the ‘F’, you will receive an error.

    Incomplete Grades section of the grading roster showing incomplete final grade and extension date

    Incomplete Extension Date: Faculty and students with incomplete grades should always develop a completion plan, which may involve less time than allowed by policy. The default for completing incomplete work is the end of the next major term, but this is not a requirement for instructors to allow this much time. The amount of time allowed by the faculty member should be realistic and based on the proportion of coursework that is incomplete. Graduating Students, however, must adhere to the Graduation deadlines in order to be awarded for the term. This may be earlier than the Incomplete deadline (contact the Graduation Analysts for more information).

    If the default date is sufficient, just click ‘Save’ again. If the contract between the faculty member and the student has an alternate deadline, enter the date in the ‘Incomplete Extension Date’ field, then click ‘Save’. Please note, once grades are rolled to the Academic Transcript, this date cannot be altered.

    Due to Banner 8 Faculty Grading being decommissioned, the method of capturing non-attendance data has changed as of Summer 2023. This information is needed for Financial Aid purposes, reporting, and for student outreach.

    For federal aid purposes, students are considered attending if there is ANY type of active engagement (submitting an assignment/discussion post/quiz etc. or being online for a synchronous meeting/webinar).

    • WN Grade (Withdrawal for non-attendance): Entered before Census
      For students who never attended or stopped attending during the start of the term, select a grade of ‘WN’.

      The 'WN' grade alerts the student to their non-attendance status for a course, so that they can act to minimize impact on their academic and/or Federal Student Aid eligibility for that course.

      The Student Financial Aid Office is required to review reporting of students who never attended individual classes because in certain cases this can result in mandatory aid adjustment. The Registrar’s Office will be reviewing reports, and if a student has ALL WN grades, we will administratively drop the student from all classes. Alternatively, if a student returns to class after a WN has been assigned, you can submit a Help Desk Ticket to have the WN removed, and the student will be reinstated.

      Note: If a WN is present at EOT, this will need to be updated to an 'FN',  giving either the LDA if they began attendance at some point, or the earliest possible LDA and updating the 'Hours Attended' field to '0' (zero) if they never attended.

    • FN Grade (Failure due to non-attendance): Entered during Final Grading
      Stopped attending: If a student attended class, but stopped attending during the term, resulting in failure, select a grade of ‘FN’ and enter the date (or approximate date) they stopped attending in the ‘Last Attend Date’ field.

      Never attended: If a student never attended class, and they failed the class, select a grade of ‘FN’, and enter a ‘0’ (zero) in the ‘Hours Attended’ field to indicate they never attended.

      Note: If a 'WN' is present at EOT, this will need to be updated to an 'FN', with a '0' (zero) in the 'Hours Attended' field.

      WN grade shown for one student on roster. FN grade shown for another student with a date in the Last Attend Date column. FN for a third student with a 0 in hours attended.

  5. Withdrawn Students: Students who have withdrawn will show as ‘Not Gradable‘ on the Final Grades Roster.

    Grade roster with Not Gradable in the Final Grade column for a withdrawn student.

  6. To verify that you have entered all grades and last-attend dates, click ‘Save’ and review each page of your class roster. Once your Grading Status is showing a green ‘Completed’ button, your course is entirely graded. A green ‘Rolled’ button or checkmark in the Rolled column means the grades have been rolled to the student’s transcript.

    completed status displays at top of grade roster

    The ‘Reset’ button will undo any changes after you have last saved.

  7. When you are finished grading a section, either select another section/CRN or logout.


If a correction is needed, you may revisit the Final Grades screen to change grades you have entered as long as the Web grading period for the term is still open. Refer to the appropriate Dates & Deadlines calendar for the grade entry deadline. 

If the grading session has closed, you will have to submit the grade through the Grade Change Tool.(WN changes will need to be done via the ticketing system.)

  1. Log into the myMemphis portal.

  2. Once logged in, click on the ‘Faculty’ page (in the menu bar at the top of the screen) to access the Faculty Grading portlet.

  3. In the Faculty Grading portlet at the top of the page, click on ‘Grade Changes: Access the Grade Change Tool’. Instructions for the tool are also found in the Faculty Grading Portlet.

  4. The tool will not be available for grades of W, WN, IP, CR, or NC. Changes involving W, IP, CR or NC will generate an error and will require a paper form. WN changes will need to be submitted via the ticketing system.

  5. Grade changes on courses that were used to satisfy a previous degree will be reviewed on an individual basis, as this is generally NOT permitted.