Faculty Self Service allows you to submit final course grades online.

Login to the portal to submit final grades.

  1. Select the Faculty page (in the menu bar at the top of the screen).
  2. In the Banner Self Service portlet, expand the Faculty and Advisors folder; click on the Final Grades link.
  3. Select the desired term and click the Submit button.
  4. Select the course (title and CRN) from the drop-down list and click Submit.

    Select CRN

Final Grades Screen

You should now be on the Final Grades screen for the selected class. Record your grades and, if necessary, any stopped-attending dates.

Final Grades screen

Enter Grades

Use the drop-down box to select a grade for each student still enrolled in your class.


  • Do not enter anything in the Attend Hours 0-999.99 column. This information is not used at UofM.
  • If the grade options do not seem appropriate for the section, or if no options are listed, contact the Registrar's Office. There could be a problem with the grade mode.
  • "W" grades will not be available for viewing on your class roster until grades are rolled to academic history. 
  • For students who have not completed their work and must be given an incomplete grade, faculty can add an “I” grade in Faculty Self Service. Undergraduate students have 45 days to complete their coursework and Graduate students have 90 days. Graduating Students, however, must adhere to the Graduation deadlines which may be earlier than the Incomplete deadlines of 45/90 days (contact the Graduation Analysts for more information). All students will be given automatic access to complete their coursework in Canvas. 
  • For information about "I" and "IP" grades and associated procedures, see the Academic Catalog. Information is available in the Academic Regulations section.
  • Check for students who have Stopped Attending dates. This warning message will appear under the student's record: The student has not withdrawn from the class. The student has not officially withdrawn and must, therefore, be assigned a grade.
  • If a student is to be assigned an F or U and non-attendance is a factor, make sure you enter a Last Attend Date for this student if one is not already there.
  • Enter "F" as the official grade for any student who has never attended or stopped attending but never officially withdrew.

Record Stopped-Attending Dates

Record a stopped-attending date if the student has stopped attending since you last reported attendance. You do not have to go to the Attendance Reporting screen.

If the student is to receive a final grade of F or U, and the grade is a result of the student's having stopped attending, you should enter a stopped-attending date.

  • Enter your date in this format: MM/DD/YYYY. You must enter the slashes, and you must enter leading zeros for the day and month when needed (ex: "02/28/2015").
  • You cannot enter a date in advance of the current day's date.
  • You should not enter a date prior to the beginning of the part of term unless you now want to indicate that a student "Never Attended." Enter such a date in the Last Attend Date column and click [Submit]; the status in the "Reported Attend" column will change to "Never."

When you have finished recording grades, click the [Submit] button at the bottom of the screen. Your class is not considered graded until each student on each page of the class grade roster has a grade.

Warning Messages

Warning messages may appear anywhere on the page, including under the student's record. They are "FYI" and do not have to be "corrected," and they do not disappear when you submit changes.

  • Grades cannot be entered for this section. The Attendance Hours and Last Date of Attendance may be entered and saved. Grades entered will NOT be saved.

    EXCH courses and 0-hour labs are not gradable. Also, the message is misleading: you can enter Last Attend Date, but you should not enter Attend Hours. We do not use the Attend Hours column at the U of M.

  • Please submit grades often. There is a 60 minute time limit starting at [time] on [date].

    Once you login to the portal and reach the Final Grades screen, you have 60 minutes in which to enter grades. (Login again if you need more time).

  • The student has not withdrawn from the class.

    This message appears to let you know that even though the student has stopped attending, the student has not officially withdrawn from the course. You must assign this student an "F" or "U."

Error Messages

When you click [Submit], you will receive either a message telling you that your entries have been accepted or this message telling you that you have errors to correct: At least one student record is in error. Please review errors below.

A record in error is marked with an asterisk (*) to the right of the e-mail icon. The error message is listed below the record in error. Correct any errors and [Submit] again. Once corrected, the error will not reappear.

  • A date prior to the Class Start Date is not permitted. Enter the day before Term Start Date to indicate that student Never Attended.

    Enter a date prior to the part-of-term's first day of classes.

  • Future dates are not permitted. Please enter a Last Date of Attendance within term, no later than today.

    Enter a stopped-attending date that is equal to today's date or an earlier term date.

  • You entered a date in an invalid date format.

    A stopped-attending date must be entered in this format: MM/DD/YYYY. MM = 2 digits; DD = 2 digits; YYYY = 4 digits. You must enter the slashes.

  • Section is NOT gradable. The grades you entered were not saved.

    EXCH courses and 0-hour labs are not gradable.

  • The Final Grade Worksheet is unavailable.

    Grading is not open for the term in which the course (CRN) is being offered. You cannot submit grades before grading opens. If you have questions, contact the Registrar. If you need to submit a grade after the grading session has closed, submit it through the Faculty Grade Change Application.

  • Your grade submissions have been rejected. A Last Date of Attendance is not permitted for grade code(s): A. Please REMOVE the Last Date of Attendance before resubmitting your grades.
    (In this example, the instructor tried to assign an A to a student who has stopped attending.)

    You cannot assign a passing grade and enter a Last Attend Date for a student in the same submission. If you do, neither the grade nor the date will be accepted. To correct the error, you must either enter a passing grade with no date, or enter a failing grade with an acceptable date.

    You cannot assign a passing grade to a student who has an existing Last Attend Date: the grade is rejected but the existing date remains. To correct the problem, you must either space out the date, select the passing grade, and then click [Submit], or leave the date, select a failing grade, and click [Submit].


You may revisit the Final Grades screen to change grades you have entered so long as the Web grading period for the term is still open. Refer to the appropriate Dates & Deadlines calendar for the grade entry deadline.  If the grading session has closed, you will have to submit the grade through the Grade Change Application.

When you are through grading a section, select another CRN, navigate to another service, or logout.