MSW Program & Study Plans

Our MSW program offers various tracks, specializations, and other options that allow our students to tailor their education to their interests and needs.


At the University of Memphis, MSW students learn about social work practice from the micro to macro levels. The first half of the program prepares students for generalist practice and introduces students to the broad, versatile field of social work. In the second half of the program, students select an area of specialization: Advanced Practice with Children, Youth, & Families or Advanced Practice with Adults & Families. Within each specialization, full-time, extended study, and advanced standing tracks are available. Please use the links below to view the curricula of each specialization and study track option.

Advanced Practice with Children, Youth, & Families prepares students to engage with families and children. Areas of focus include behavioral interventions for children with special needs, child welfare, practice in schools, foster care and adoptions, childhood trauma, abuse & neglect, children's mental health, community programs for children, and advocacy on behalf of children and families.

Advanced Practice with Adults & Families prepares students for practice across many populations and social issues: military members and veterans, family and community violence, corrections, homelessness, poverty, geriatrics, health care settings, disability & long term care, clinical interventions in mental health and substance abuse, and neighborhood development.


Students are encouraged to utilize allotted elective credits to either deepen their social work knowledge by taking a special topics elective in social work, or to expand their interdisciplinary skills by taking electives offered by other graduate programs at the university.

Dual Degree Programs

The MSW program at UofM has partnered with other graduate programs within the university to offer two dual degree options. To learn more about one of our dual degree programs, visit a link below:

Dual MSW/MS in Special Education/Applied Behavior Analysis Degree
Dual MSW/MPH Degree

School Social Work Licensure

Students in the Advanced Practice with Children, Youth, & Families specialization may complete all requirements to become licensed as a school social worker as a part of the regular program. Post-graduate MSWs can also complete school social work licensure requirements with our program. Click here to learn more about School Social Work Licensure.


MSW Program Tracks

Advanced Standing Full Time (1 year)

Advanced Standing Extended Study (2 years)

Full Time (2 years)

Spring Start (2.5 years)

Extended Study (3 - 4 years)

Students who entered the program Fall 2021 or later, please follow the tracks below

Spring Start (2.5 years)

Extended Study (3-4 years)