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Welcome to field! Please use this website for reference to all things field education. Students should start thinking about field early in their respective program. BA students attend a field forum the semester/year before they are supposed to start their internship year. BA students can be placed in internship during any semester (fall-spring, spring-summer, summer-fall, spring block, and fall block). All full-time MSW students (including FT Advanced Standing) start their internship during their first fall semester. Part-time MSW students typically start their internship in their second academic year of their program. MSW students are only placed during the fall-spring academic year. Please reach out to your respective field director for questions about the placement process for your internship.

Your Field Directors

  • Prof. Danielle Seemann (she/her, dswatson@memphis.edu) is the BA Field Director. She places all of the undergraduate social work students for their internships.
  • Prof. Cherry Malone (she/her, ccmalone@memphis.edu) is the MSW Field Director. She places all of the first-year MSW students for their internships. Prof. Malone also is in charge of all of the clinical affiliation agreements for our agency partners.
  • Prof. Maggie Landry (she/her, malandry@memphis.edu) is the Assistant MSW Field Director. She places all of the second-year and Advanced Standing MSW students for their internships.

COVID-19 and Field Education

Students entering field education are strongly encouraged to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Many of our agency partners are requiring vaccination in addition to strict PPE protocols. Placement options may be limited if the student chooses not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Please discuss this with your field director for further details on placement options that do not require vaccination. Note that agencies reserve the right to change their policies surrounding COVID-19 vaccination/PPE at any time, without warning.

Hourly requirements for Field

All students are eligible to receive up to 25 hours for "volunteering" outside of their internship per semester. 

BA Students need a total of 400 hours for their placement:

SWRK 4830/4840 - 150 hours
SWRK 4831/4841 - 250 hours

Depending on the student's situation, this can break down into:
Fall Block: 28 hrs/wk (15 wks)
Fall/Spring: 13 hrs/wk (30 wks)
Spring Block: 28 hrs/wk (15 wks)
Spring/Summer: 16 hrs/wk (25 wks)
Summer/Fall: 16 hrs/wk (25 wks)

First-year MSW students need a total of 400 hours for their placement:

SWRK 7051 (fall) - 160 hours (14-16 hrs/wk)
SWRK 7052 (spring) - 240 hours (16-18 hrs/wk)

Second-year/Advanced Standing MSW students need a total of 500 hours for their placement:

SWRK 7053/7055 (fall) - 250 hours (18-20 hrs/wk)
SWRK 7054/7056 (spring) - 250 hours (18-20 hrs/wk)

Field Handbooks

AY 2023-2024 Quick Reference Guide

AY 2023-2024 MSW Field Manual

Note that full-time MSW students are ON GROUND, DAYTIME classes. All students, regardless of program track must be available for weekday, daytime field placement internships.

BA Field Manual for AY 23-24 coming soon... 

Field Forms

NASW Membership: All students enrolled in field education must obtain a membership with NASW. At this link, students can join, re-join, or renew their NASW memberships. Student memberships are $60 per year. If you are an MSW student who had a membership as a BSW student, you will need to call the 800-number at the bottom of the linked page and explain you are still a student, so they can edit your account and give you the correct membership rate.

Student Liability Insurance: All students enrolled in field education must obtain a liability insurance policy through NASW. At this link, please select the "Apply Online" button under "Students" (use this for renewals, too). Students are required to have the $1,000,000/$5,000,000 policy. The student policies are $15 per year. If you are an MSW student who had a policy as a BSW student, you will need to call the 888-number and explain you are still a student and need the student policy.

Request to Use Employment as Field Form. Updated for AY 2023-2024. Do not submit this form unless you've met with your respective field director first!
Online Only (UM Global) students who live outside of Memphis, TN and Jackson, TN, please read the "Protocol for Global Students" and contact your respective Field Director to discuss placement options.
All students are expected to abide by the NASW Code of Ethics at all times.

Official Field Form Hosting Website

The University of Memphis School of Social Work is moving to Tevera as of Summer 2023, in order to provide a seamless experience for our students to track their field placement internships. Students pay for Tevera by their nonrefundable $30 per-credit-hour lab fees associated with their field placement courses. Once a student has a Tevera account, they receive lifetime access. This means that they will not only use it to track their field placement internships while they are in school, but Tevera also allows for licensure supervision hours tracking post-graduation. The data housed in Tevera never goes away, so students looking to verify their internship hours for licensure and/or jobs post-graduation will be able to do so independently. 

Your respective field director will provide more details on your Tevera account, and create your account if you do not already have one. If you do NOT have a Tevera account, please DO NOT try to create one. Your field director must do this for you.

If you do already have a Tevera account, you may log in here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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