Phi Alpha Honor Society

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"Through Knowledge - the Challenge to Serve"

The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

For more information contact:

Dr. Robin Lennon-Dearing: rlnnndrn@memphis.edu
Undergraduate and Graduate Faculty Advisor


Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society

An undergraduate student is eligible for active membership after achieving the following National minimum requirements and meeting local Chapter requirements:

  • Must be a declared social work major.
  • Must have achieved sophomore status.
  • Must have completed 9 semester hours of required social work courses.
  • Must have achieved an overall grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must have achieved a 3.5 grade point average in required social work courses.

A graduate student is eligible for active membership after achieving the following National minimum requirements and meeting local Chapter requirements:

  • Must be currently enrolled in the graduate social work program.
  • Must be in their second year of social work graduate programming.
  • Must have completed 30 semester hours of required social work courses; Advanced Standing students must have completed 22 hours.
  • Must have achieved an overall grade point average of 3.85 (on a 4.0 scale).

Click here for information on scholarships, awards, competitions, and other opportunities for Phi Alpha members.  See below for information on submitting program applications

Submitting Program Applications

  • Applications for programs #1-#9 are submitted via an abstract management system accessed through the Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work website:  https://phialpha.org/
  • Applications for programs #7 and #8 are submitted by contacting Tammy Hamilton, Executive Secretary, at phialphainfo@etsu.edu or (423) 439-7467.

2022 Phi Alpha Officers

President-Victoria Bulthuis                                                                    Vice President-Alexanna Scott

Victoria Bulthuis                                              Alexanna Scott 

                                 Secretary Treasurer-Samantha Rayo Garcia

                                  Samantha Rayo Garcia  


Phi Alpha Honor Society

2022 Virtual Induction Ceremony
The University of Memphis
Epsilon Upsilon Chapter
Friday, April 29th, 2022

Phi Alpha Virtual Induction Ceremony 2022

2022 Phi Alpha Honor Society

BASW Phi Alpha Inductees for 2022
Anna Sanderlin
Emily Powell
Irakoze Evette
Jennifer Ann Vargas
Kyle Sergeant
Lawanda Rochelle Payne-Miller
Olivia Weresczak
MSW Phi Alpha Inductees for 2022
Abigail Smack
Alexanna Spencer Carothers Scott
Aliyah Price
Amber McKay
Chasity Deal
Chelsea Atkeson
Cindy Purdy Lawrence
Hannah Astraea Conaway
Jacob Womack
Kara Elisabeth Lacy
Kathleen Mae Duckett
Kayla Lee
Kelsie R. Holt
Laura X. Moreno-Marin
Manpreet Kaur Megan Tryder
Michelle Broughton
Rasheedol Fields
Samantha Rayo Garcia
Victoria L. Bulthuis
Honorary Membership
The McGaughran Family


2021 Phi Alpha Officers

2021 Phi Alpha Officers

President- Jay Stone
Vice President Chenoa Brown
Secretary/Treasurer- Rashidah Gardner

Phi Alpha Honor Society

2021 Virtual Induction Ceremony
The University of Memphis
Epsilon Upsilon Chapter
Friday, April 30, 2021
2021 Phi Alpha Induction Ceremony
MSW Students
Anna Laurie Hunter
Chasity J. Deal
Chenoa R. Brown
Elizabeth Rose
Hannah Lynne McCrum
Hayley Deena Shwer
Jay Allen Stone
LaSonya R. Taylor-Jeans
Letha L'Chon Bryson
Megan Clowes Guntert
Melissa Rodriguez Analco
Molly Pahn
Natalie Scarbrough
Rashidah Gardner
Rebecca F. Turner
Samantha Renfro
Shannon Hudson
Stacey A. Abraham
BASW Students
Flora Nava
Jacqueline Yarbrough
Katelyn McGrath
Kenisha Denise Burks
Kimberly Williams
Virginia K. Erholtz
Honorary Members
Dr. Minhae Cho
Janet Lynn Mulford

2020 Phi Alpha Officers

President - Melissa Opiel
Vice President - Nedra Stratton

Melissa Opiel     Nedra Stratton


2020 New Phi Alpha Members

MSW Students

Toneshia Alexander
Nikeisha M. Bass
Jenika Buckhalter
Destinee Clements
Brandy M. Davis
Joshua L. Dotter
Melissa K. Opiel
Nedra Stratton

BASW Students

Brittany Anderson
Jasmine Broome
Jesse H. Burns
Abigail F. Hood
Candida Y. Lope
Courtney Rutledge
Sarah A. Settles
Kirby Woodall


2019 Phi Alpha Officers

President - Lauren Robinson
Vice-President - James Beasley
Secretary/Treasurer - Adrienne Short

2019 Phi Alpha Officers

All 2019 New Phi Alpha Members

2019 New Phi Alpha Inductees

Adrienne D. Short
Audrey Garrett
Brianna Nychole Poole
James KeShun Beasley
Marian Brittenum
Melissa Rodriguez Analco
Rachel Nicole Wilson
Sienna Jefferson

Abigail Dixon
Caroline Benezra
David Grant
Detris F. Whitten
Ebony D. James
Hanna Leigh Callicutt
Hannah Kay DeRouen
Hannah Klein
Hannah Mangrum
Kayla R. Martin
Lauren Ellis Robinson
Marie A. Robinson
Marquita Michelle Brown
Mary Elizabeth Hearn
Matthew Hein
Morgan Thompson
Ross Jerome Nagler
Sarah Pierce Thornell
Sharikka S. Henderson
Tiffanni Carter Richardson

Honorary Members
Dr. Seok Won Jin
Dr. Jerry Watson

2018 Phi Alpha Officers

President - Jack Wyatt
Co-Vice-President - Kathryn Reed
Co-Vice-President - Jarricka Evans
Secretary/Treasurer - Tyler-Marie Blacher

2018 Phi Alpha Members

All 2018 New Phi Alpha Members


Artriel Brown
Ashlei Vester
Brandy N. Smith
Cassandra Ann Tucker
Christina Farrell
Cynthia Mason Riggins
Emma Eidson
Emonie Bright-House
James Villanueva
Jarricka Evans
Jermellody S. Seaton
Kirsten Carter
Kyo Woodson
Lorean Hearns
MarQuita M. Brown
Michael Hoots
Molly Floyd
Natasha Williams
Samantha Rayo Garcia
Sarah Hirons
Shalonda Love
Tyler-Marie Blacher
Willie Anne Wilkerson


Akosua Mintaa Aggrey-Bekoe
Amber D. Barksdale
Brianna Kathleen Wachter
Brittany diLayne Benson
Chelsey Spencer
Christie Walker
Clarice R. Burnett
CreShaunda T. Lynn
Jack Wyatt
Jamil Matthews
Jeremiah Cornelius Berry
Justin G. Price
Kathryn Reed
Kelly Lynn Frostbauer
Kendall Brown
Kerrie Cooper
Kiya Kendra Black
Lakita Brown
Marquita Harris
Pam Madison Wright
Rachel Marie Lang
Rodques K. Jones
Sarah Margaret Hairston
Vandra F. Parks

Honorary Members

Melissa Hirschi, PhD, LCSW
Sandra Allen, LAPSW