Leadership Exchange

The Memphis Leadership Exchange is a partnership program with the University of Maryland to study the complexities of social issues and communities in each host city. Through the coordination of (two) four-day immersion experiences throughout the course of the program, students meet with community and campus leaders, engage with nonprofit agency staff, and are engaged in interactive leadership learning environments with peers. As part of pre-trip meetings, students start with each city's statistical and historical information, and that will be followed by an experiential learning experience in each location. Selected participants will conduct service work and hear from community leaders who are creatively working to create positive social change in their community. Participation in this program is limited to a small group of students because of the unique nature of the partnership and travel.

Through participation, students will develop an increased appreciation for the application of leadership concepts in an array of environments and among diverse groups of individuals and/or teams. Memphis Leadership Exchange will also provide a unique conduit for the selected students to grow as leaders who will be better prepared to compete and contribute in a global society, all the while, allowing them to showcase the University of Memphis as a top tier institution for leadership education.

Learning Outcomes

Students will...
• Develop an understanding and take action to affect social issues that are relevant to Memphis and a peer community.
• Evaluate leadership applications in a variety of settings.
• Communicate their understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.
• Demonstrate an understanding for the responsibility for continuous learning.

Exchange Dates will be (Maryland->Memphis) January 18-21 and (Memphis-> Maryland) March 29- April 1

*When the University of Maryland students are in Memphis, each Memphis participant will serve as a host to one of the participating University of Maryland students. Hosting includes providing a place to stay the night (residence hall, apartment, house, etc), even if that is a couch or an air mattress, which we can provide.

University of Maryland participants will do the same for University of Memphis students when we visit Maryland. All meals, with the exception of one breakfast meal, and one dinner meal will be provided during the exchange experience, and we do not expect you to buy food for the student staying with you. We recognize this concept may seem unique, but will walk through specific instructions during our pre-trip meetings.

Applications are now closed and will open in October 2019 for the 2020 Leadership Exchange.  

For more information, please contact studentinvolvement@memphis.edu