Current Emerging Leaders

While you receive regular updates from the program staff, please view this page as a more permanent resource. If you have questions about responsibilities for your year in the program, take a look here. If you need to find one of our forms, look here first.

Emerging Leaders Requirements

New Student Orientation (NSO) and Frosh Camp

All incoming first-year Emerging Leaders must attend New Student Orientation (NSO) and Frosh Camp during the summer prior to their first semester at the University of Memphis. Students must attend NSO before their chosen session of Frosh Camp. For more information and how to register for both of these mandatory events, please visit the Freshmen Orientation webpage and the Frosh Camp webpage.

First-Year Residence Requirement

Students are required to live in the Emerging Leaders Living and Learning Community in Centennial Place during the entirety of their first year in the program. In-residence programming will be facilitated by the Emerging Leaders Residential Mentor, a current Emerging Leader who will serve as a resource throughout the year.

Leadership & Professional Competency Requirements

Leadership and Professional Competency Clusters

The requirements of the Emerging Leaders Program are carefully constructed to create intentional learning, growth, and leadership development.  These requirements are grounded in the Leadership and Professional Competencies.

Completion of requirements will be verified throughout and at the conclusion of each semester when the student submits their competency reflections and other requirements to their assigned TigerZone path. Failure to complete any of the below yearly requirements (first offense) will result in a probationary semester with no loss of scholarship. Failure to complete any of the below yearly requirements (second offense) will result in permanent removal from the program with loss of scholarship.

Yearly Involvement Requirements

The Leadership and Professional Competency Clusters are a tool used to measure your personal and professional growth and development over the course of your collegiate experience. All four completed competencies must be related to programs sponsored by on-campus organizations. Prior approval from the advisor must be obtained for students to complete competencies through off-campus opportunities.

Additionally, each Emerging Leader must have prolonged involvement with at least one campus-affiliated entity, which includes a Registered Student Organization (RSO), Greek letter organization, athletic team, ROTC unit, Student Government Association, etc.

Yearly Community Service Requirements

Students must complete a minimum of ten hours of community service each semester. These hours must be logged on Volunteer Odyssey and must be verified by an individual who directly oversaw the service experience. This resource can also be used to locate service opportunities in Memphis.

Community service hours logged for Emerging Leaders can be used to fulfill requirements for other organizations, provided that they adhere to the community service guidelines outlined in the Emerging Leaders handbook at the bottom of this page.

Yearly Academic Requirements

Students must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA for the duration of their time in the program, and may not have a semester GPA below 2.0. As part of the academic study of leadership that is essential to your development as Emerging Leaders, students must enroll in and successfully complete the following courses with a grade of "C" or higher:

  • First Year, Fall Semester: ACAD 1100: Academic Strategies (Emerging Leaders section)
  • Third Year, Spring Semester: UNIV 4380: Leadership Capstone

Student Accountability

Students must remain in good judicial standing with the Office of Student Accountability and comply with the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities for the duration of their time as Emerging Leaders. Failure to do so may result in probation or removal from the program.

Emerging Leaders Handbook 23-24 for Website by SLI Memphis