Leadership and Professional Competencies [CLAW]

A student engaged through Student Leadership and Involvement will be exposed to a variety of experiences that will enhance what they learn in the classroom. Below are the four competency clusters that University of Memphis students should aim to develop through their different experiences on, and off, campus. 

CLAW Clusters

About the Clusters

Communication & CollaborationStudents will exchange information and build strategies to work toward common goals while valuing diverse perspectives

Sample Behaviors

  • Demonstrate professional verbal, written, and non-verbal abilities when communicating
  • Share information in a clear, organized, and concise manner with respect to diversity
  • Listen carefully, ask questions, and seek help when needed
  • Manage different opinions appropriately
  • Be accountable and reliable
  • Be positive, adaptable, and flexible

See reflection questions here

Life Skills & Life-Long LearningStudents will continually learn through personal and professional development.

Sample Behavior

  • Navigate change and be open to learning new technologies and policies
  • Seek education and training to support one's growth and development
  • Establish, maintain, and/or leverage relationships
  • Seek opportunities to build leadership skills and confidence
  • Respect yourself and others
  • Act in the interest of the larger community and workplace

See reflection quesitons here. 

Abstract & Analytical ThinkingStudents will objectively and comprehensively analyze all relevant information related to an issue prior to rendering a decision or judgment.

Sample Behaviors

  • Clearly define the problem
  • Define the necessary steps to address the issue comprehensively
  • Collect appropriate data from a diverse set of sources
  • Make decisions with consideration of possible personal biases
  • Communicate outcomes rationally, recognizing diverse perspectives of all involved
  • Develop creative solutions to complex problems

See reflection quesitons here. 

Workplace WellnessStudents will understand the importance of physical, social, and mental wellness in living a well-balanced work life.

Sample Behaviors

  • Develop coping mechanisms to manage stress
  • Maintain respectful, social, and professional boundaries in interactions with colleagues
  • Develop and cultivate healthy eating and sleeping habits
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Identify and promote personal strengths
  • Understand and demonstrate excellent work ethic and effective work habits
  • Manage time efficiently and effectively
  • Be present and prepared to engage in evolving needs

See reflection quesitons here. 

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Tracking Competency Growth

Students can track their development across the Leadership & Professional Competencies through reflections in the Experience feature of Tiger Zone.  Tracking competency growth allows students to reflect on how their involvement experiences support their co-curricular learning and contribute to their post-collegiate professional life. Click the following link and follow the below steps to begin tracking your competencies! 

Track your competency growth here!

  1. Click "add experience."
  2. Select the competency you wish to reflect on. 
  3. Complete the questions. 
  4. Click "save." 

*NOTE: if you are completing an experience for a Path Item, be sure to identify the path item as you are filling out the experience using the drop down on the bottom of the page.