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"Most proud of my accomplishment of graduating with a degree in accounting in three years with Summa Cum Laude and Honors."

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Grading Scale and GPA

In addition to the traditional A-B-C-D-F grades, instructors have the option of assigning several "+" and "-" grades as well. Instructors do not have to use +/- grading, and in some instances it may be their department's policy not to. Refer to your course syllabus.


  1. Only grading scales for undergraduate and graduate level courses are discussed here. For Law, refer to the Law School's Academic Regulations.
  2. An A+ is not worth any more quality points than an A. What's the advantage, then? If you intend to pursue graduate or professional school, any A+ on your transcript is likely to help your candidacy.
  3. UofM does not assign a "D-" grade.
  4. When you repeat a course, the first attempt is excluded from your Cumulative GPA, but your second attempt and subsequent attempts are used. For a fuller discussion of repeated courses, see Repeated Course/GPA Scenarios.

    Important Change:
    Beginning with the Summer 2015 semester, the University's repeat policy changed with regard to courses transferred to UofM: such courses are not used in calculating GPA. You can earn credit for a passing grade, but you cannot affect your UofM GPA. Read more under Computing GPA (UG Catalog).

  5. The "W" grade is not used in calculating GPA. (See Grades That Are Not Calculated in the GPA below.)

       A+ 4.00
       A 4.00
       A- 3.84
       B+ 3.33
       B 3.00
       B- 2.67
       C+ 2.33
       C 2.00
       C- 1.67
       D+ 1.33
       D 1.00
       F 0.00

Calculating Your GPA

Your GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of Quality Points you earned by the number of GPA Hours you attempted in courses in which grades of A+ through F are assigned.

The first attempts of courses that have been repeated are excluded from the cumulative GPA.

Each term, your semester and cumulative GPA will be indicated with your grades. Look at this example of GPA calculation:

SUBJECT             GPA
ENGL 1020 3.00   B+ (3.33) 9.99
PHYS 1002 1.00   A- (3.84) 3.84
PHYS 1020 3.00   C+ (2.33) 6.99
CHEM 1010 4.00   B- (2.67) 10.68
HIST 2020 3.00   A (4.00) 12.00
POLS 1101 3.00   F (0.00) 0.00
  1. Add the GPA Hours: 3 + 1 + 3 + 4 + 3 + 3 =17.00 hours

  2. Determine the total Quality Points:

    • For each course, multiply the number of GPA Hours for that course times the number of Quality Points indicated on the grading scale above. Example: ENGL 1020 is a 3.00-hour course. Multiply 3.00 hours x 3.33 (the Quality Points for a B+); the product will be 9.99 Quality Points earned for ENGL 1020.

    • Add the Quality Points for all courses: 9.99 + 3.84 + 6.99 + 10.68 + 12.00 + 0 = 43.50 Quality Points.
  1. Divide the total Quality Points by the total GPA Hours to determine GPA:
    43.50 / 17 = 2.55 (GPA is carried to two decimal places, with no rounding).

Repeated Courses and GPA

Most courses can be repeated. Learn the rules governing repeated courses and how repeats can affect your GPA by going to Repeated Course/GPA Scenarios.

Viewing your GPA

You can view your current GPA by calling up your Academic Transcript (Unofficial Transcript).

Also, once a semester's grades are official, you can view your latest GPA by clicking on the "Final" link in the lower right-hand corner of the Student Grades channel.

Cumulative Statistics

Please note that the cumulative statistics you view online are always the current cumulative statistics. Even if you view a past term's grades, the cumulative statistics will be current through the last term you completed. For example, if you view Fall 2007 grades, the cumulative statistics shown with Fall 2007 will include any additional credits and grades earned during later semesters.

Lottery Scholarships (Undergraduates Only)

The GPA used to determine your continued eligibility for Lottery Scholarships is not the same as your UofM GPA. Your Lottery GPA can be lower because it takes into account all of your attempts at a particular course whereas your UofM GPA counts only the second and successive attempts at a course. Lottery rules allow only one repeated course to be deducted from the Lottery GPA calculation.

Also, you need to be aware that Lottery rules stipulate that "W" grades are figured into your Lottery Scholarship eligibility. Any course for which you receive a "W" grade is considered an attempted course for Lottery purposes. "W" grades are not used in calculating your Lottery GPA, but the "W" hours do count toward the maximum hours allowed by a Hope Lottery Scholarship.

Grading Scale in Individual Courses

The grading scale for each course (i.e., the number of points required in that course to earn an A, a B, etc.) is determined by the instructor and should appear in the instructor's course syllabus.

gpa Re-calculation by other schools/Services

Some professional evaluation services (e.g., AMCAS, LSDAS) and professional or graduate schools may re-calculate the grade point average according to their grading scale and guidelines.

Grades Not Calculated in the GPA

  • AU (Audit) - You audited a course and met the instructor's standards for both attendance and class participation.

  • CR (Credit Received) - You satisfactorily completed a course taken on a credit/no-credit basis.

  • I (Incomplete) - You did not complete a course for a reason that was acceptable to the instructor. Undergraduates must complete all work within 45 days, and Graduates within 90 days, following the end of the semester; otherwise, the grade changes to an "F".

  • IP (In Progress) - The "IP" grade is used in certain research courses to allow you time to complete projects, field work, etc. Most courses graded IP require you to re-enroll in the course the following term.

  • NC (No Credit) - The "NC" grade indicates you did not satisfactorily complete a course in which you had permission to register on a credit/no-credit basis.

  • S (Satisfactory) - The "S" grade is limited to certain types of courses (practicum, research, dissertation, etc.) approved for S/U grading.

  • SA (Satisfactory) - The "SA" indicates the satisfactory completion of a thesis, dissertation, or capstone project. It is assigned only for the final enrollment. The "IP" grade is assigned for all prior enrollments in such courses.

  • T (Continuing) - The "T" grade is used in certain pre-approved courses in which the completion time varies and may exceed the regular enrollment period. If you receive a "T" grade, you must enroll in the course again the following semester in order to receive credit.

  • U (Unsatisfactory) - You did not satisfactorily complete your  S/U course (practicum, research, dissertation, etc.)

  • W (Withdrew) - You dropped (withdrew from) the class.
    A "W" does not affect your GPA. However, "W" grades can affect your continued Lottery Scholarship eligibility since they count toward the number of attempted hours allowed under the scholarship. Please read "Lottery Scholarships (Undergraduates Only)" above.