Withdrawing from UofM

When you decide to withdraw completely from the University, your first step should be to drop all of your courses online on or before the Last Day to Drop a Class for the term/part(s)-of-term. Select the appropriate Dates & Deadlines calendar to find this date.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you are withdrawing by simply not attending your classes. You must drop the classes you have enrolled in; otherwise, you may receive F grades and, possibly, owe the University money. When you have completed the drop process, please go back to your concise schedule to verify your drop (s) have processed. You should see a "DP" or a "WW" (depending when you dropped) next to the course(s) you dropped. 


Usually, you do not have to talk to your advisor: simply go online and drop all of your courses. However, if you are a Scholarship Athlete, you must have permission from the Center for Athletic Academic Services to withdraw.


Money - Satisfy any outstanding financial obligations you may have to the University. UofM will not release your transcript to another university if you still owe money here. So, make sure that you have paid all fines and fees that are due. If you have any question as to whether you owe the University any money, or why you do, contact University & Student Business Services.

Contracts - If you have you signed a contract with Residence Life, be aware that you must contact that office about cancelling it. Please review your contract and contact Residence Life if you have questions.

Equipment - Return any equipment--library books, instruments, uniforms, etc.--that belongs to the University. Again, if you fail to do so, a hold may be placed on your transcript.

Financial Aid - Withdrawing can affect your eligibility for financial aid and your repayment schedule as well. If you are receiving financial aid, contact Student Financial Aid for clarification as to how withdrawal will affect your aid and repayment schedule.

Lottery Scholarship - Once you receive a Lottery Scholarship, you must continue taking classes in both the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year in order to maintain your eligibility. (You do not have to attend Summer terms to maintain a Lottery Scholarship.) If you do not maintain this continuous enrollment, you may lose your Lottery Scholarship. Contact the Scholarship Office for more information.

Veterans Benefits - Withdrawing can affect your future eligibility for veterans benefits. If you are attending school through a VA program, contact the University's Veterans Educational Benefits & Certification Office for clarification as to how your benefits will be affected.

Possible Refunds

You may be entitled to a partial refund of your enrollment fees, depending on when you withdraw. Visit the University & Student Business Services website to determine the term's drop/withdrawal refund deadlines.

Withdrawing After the Drop/Withdrawal Deadline

It is possible to withdraw from a term after the drop deadline has passed; however, you must have approval to do so. Approval is granted only in those instances in which serious and unforeseen circumstances prevented you from completing that term's classes. See more information about late and retroactive withdrawals