When are Grades Available/Official?

You may check your UNOFFICIAL grades as soon as your instructors enter them, provided you have completed a SETE (Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness) for each course instructor. If you have not completed a SETE for a course, you will not be able to see the unofficial grade. You can complete a SETE by following the Complete a SETE link on your Student page.

You may check your OFFICIAL grades once grades have become official. Typically this occurs the Thursday following the end of the exam period. Provided you have no grade holds, you will be able to review all of your grades, whether you have completed SETEs or not.

Term Grade Report (Grade Mailer)

If you need a copy of your grades mailed to your employer or some other organization, request a Term Grade Report, using the Enrollment Verification Request process.

You can also visit the Registrar's Office in 003 Wilder Tower and request a printout of your grades. You must to present your Student ID.

Calculating Your GPA

Learn how your grade point average (GPA) is calculated.

Grade Changes

Disagree with one of your grades or think a mistake was made? View information on the Grade Change Procedure.

More Questions?

Visit our Transcripts and Grades FAQ page.