TranscriptsPlus FAQ

The following FAQ pertain only to TranscriptsPlus, the online service that allows you to request official University of Memphis (UofM) transcripts online and gives you the option of having them delivered electronically. (For a general list of transcript FAQ not specific to TranscriptsPlus, refer to Transcripts/Grades FAQ.)

General Information/Features

What is TranscriptsPlus?

TranscriptsPlus is a system used for submitting online transcript requests and for having transcripts delivered electronically as well. UofM has partnered with CredentialsSolutions to provide this safe, secure, and efficient manner of ordering transcripts and delivering electronic transcripts.

Who can order a transcript using TranscriptsPlus?

Any current or former student can request their UofM transcript online.

Can I request that my transcript to be sent electronically?

Yes. A certified .pdf transcript may be sent to any recipient you choose. However, you must confirm that the recipient has an email address and will consider an electronic transcript to be official.

Is the electronic delivery option secure?

Your electronic transcript is delivered in an encrypted .pdf format to a secure website for the recipient to access. The transcript ordering process requires that you provide an email address for the intended recipient who will receive an email notification that your transcript is ready for pick up at the specific URL named in the email notification.

Do I have to use a particular browser in order to use TranscriptsPlus?

TranscriptsPlus has been designed to work with all major browsers, but it is recommended that you use the current browser release.

Why am I being asked to complete a FERPA release form? (Former Student)

Since you no longer have, or have never had, an active myMemphis portal account, your identity cannot be validated through the portal. FERPA regulations prevent UofM from releasing your educational records to any third party without your written consent. Thus, you must complete and submit the release form. But completing the form is a one-time requirement; you will not have to complete it for subsequent requests.


How much does using TranscriptsPlus cost?

There is a $2.85 non-refundable service fee charged for each transcript requested. If you request that a hard copy of your transcript be delivered by FedEx, additional charges apply.

Do I need to pay for my transcript processing before I receive my transcript?

Yes. The service fee for TranscriptsPlus is charged when transcripts are ordered. No refunds will be issued.

What forms of payment are accepted?

TranscriptsPlus accepts credit or debit payments through all major credit cards (ex., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).


How will I know if/when my transcript request has been processed?

Upon submitting an order through TranscriptsPlus, emails will be sent to you confirming that: (1) your order has been submitted, (2) that your transcript has been sent, and (3) that your transcript has been received by the recipient.

How can I check on the current status of my transcript request?

You may check on the status of your transcript order by returning to the TranscriptsPlus portlet and clicking on the product logo or, if you are a former student, by revisiting the TranscriptsPlus website.

When will I or my intended recipient receive the electronically delivered transcript?

Once your order is submitted, it must be reviewed and processed by the Registrar's Office. Processing times may vary based on the number of orders received daily, but normal processing time is 1–3 business days. If there are no problems with the request, the electronically delivered transcript will be delivered minutes after it is processed.

What should I do if my transcript has not been received?

  • If you requested that your transcript be sent electronically, contact the receiver.
  • If you requested that your transcript be sent by USPS First Class mail, please allow sufficient time for delivery.
  • If you requested that your transcript be sent by an express delivery service, use your tracking number to determine the delivery status and direct inquiries/complaints to the express delivery service.

Will I have to provide my Social Security Number to place an order?

Your UofM ID number is required to order transcripts but your Social Security Number may be used as an alternative. If you are an international student without a social security number and do not know your UofM ID number, contact the Registrar’s Office at 901-678-2810 for guidance.

What if I need to change or correct my recipient's address information?

Check the status of your request. If the UofM Registrar has not processed your request yet, then contact the Registrar's Office with regard to changing the information. Be prepared to supply information from your TranscriptsPlus receipt. If the order has been processed, then you will have to make another request; you will be charged a new processing fee.

What if I need to send an attachment (application, form, etc.) with my transcript?

You may upload as many as 5 attachments when making your transcript request. You must upload the files during the same session in which you make your request. The attachments will be included with the transcript when delivered electronically or by mail.

Do I have the option of picking up my transcript in person?


When will my transcript be mailed?

All transcripts require 1-3 business days for processing; they are sent out after this period.

How can I request express delivery of my hard-copy transcript?

TranscriptsPlus provides the option of delivery by FedEx, so if you have a valid FedEx account, you may select the FedEx delivery option. If you use some other courier service, you will need to contact the Registrar at 901.678.3927 to arrange for special delivery options. FedEx is the only courier delivery option available within TranscriptsPlus.