Holds are administrative blocks that prevent you from performing key enrollment activities or processes. The two most common processes restricted by holds are:

  • Registration ("R" code) - Prevents you from registering for classes.
  • Transcript ("T" code) - Prevents you from:
    1. Viewing your grades online.
    2. Requesting a copy of your grades.
    3. Viewing your unofficial transcript online.
    4. Requesting your official transcript.


The Registrar does not place holds and cannot remove them.
Only the office that places a hold can remove it.

View Holds Screen

Here is how to find out what type of hold you have, which office placed it, and why that office placed it.

  1. Login to the portal.
  2. Click on the Student page.
  3. Locate the Banner Self-Service portlet.
  4. Expand the Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Student Records folders by clicking on each folder icon.
  5. Click on the View Holds link.


Many screens within Student Self Service, such as the Registration Status screen, contain a "View Holds" link. You can also follow that path to the View Holds screen.

When you reach the View Holds screen, you should see a display similar to this one, if you have holds:

Holds display

In this example, the student has a Graduate Probation hold (Hold Type) that will prevent the student from registering for classes (Processes Affected). The student must contact the Graduate School (Originator) to find out what he or she must do in order for the Graduate School to remove the hold.

Common Types of Holds

Holds can be placed for many other reasons--a missing transcript from your high school or previous institution, unpaid fines or fees, lack of proof of immunization, etc. Refer to Common Holds to determine why you have the hold and who can remove it.