2019 CAS Research Instrumentation Program

The College of Arts & Sciences launched a new Research Instrumentation program in 2016.  The program required combined CAS and department contributions to purchase the following research instrumentation:

CERI: 60-node Zland Gen2 Seismic Data Acquisition System

More details soon

Chemistry: FlexStation 3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

The FlexStation is an 8-channel automated pipettor that can read mutiwell plates in absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence and fluorescence polarization modes. Details on the FlexStation

Chemistry: Tycho NT.6 Nanotemper Differential Scanning Fluorimeter

The Tycho NT.6 measures the change in intrinsic fluorescence of tyrosine and tryptophan residues in protein samples. Details on the Tycho NT.6 Nanotemper Differential Scanning Fluorimeter

Earth Sciences: Global Positioning System )One Trimble Geo7 unit and 15 Trimble TDS 100 units)

These GPS units allow for rapid mapping and spatial data collection for a wide range of field applications. Read the Usage Policy

Physics: High energy kHz laser system for optical spectroscopy

The laser system allows for the measurements of physical and chemical processes that occur at nanosecond to microsecond time scales. Additional details for the laser system.

Physics: Seebeck Unit-Thermoelectric power Measurement

 The system can provide information about the sign of the majority carrier, the mechanism of charge conduction, and in conjunction with appropriate theoretical models, information on the band structure of the material under investigation. Details on the Seebeck Unit


Additional information can be found on the College of Arts & Sciences Website.