Resumes and Cover Letters

Your job and internship search begins with applying for positions of interest. Every employer is different, but most will require resumes, cover letters, and/or references as part of the application process.

Resume Resources

Resume Samples- NEW!

    • General Resume Sample

    • (Highlights all required sections for this professional document)
    • Experiential Learning 

    • (Includes sections for research, internships, study abroad, etc.)
    • First Year with Limited Experience

                  (Demonstrates your experience with coursework, activities, and campus involvement)

              Military Experience 

                  (Displays military experience, rankings, and skills)

      • Military Resume Sample
    • Professional Experience

    • (Highlights skills and experiences gained as a working professional)

    • Student Involvement Experience 

    • (Highlights involvement with student organizations, volunteering, and athletics)

                STEM Experience

                   (Includes STEM related projects and research placement)

              Health and Wellness Experience

                 (Highlights experience with research, clinicals, etc. specifically for those in the Health Sciences field)

                 Health and Wellness Sample Resume

            Fogelman College of Business Sample Resumes

                   (Specifically for students majoring in a FCOBE area)

Cover Letters

Curriculum Vitae 

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