College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Association

The vision of the College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Chapter is to develop a comprehensive alumni program of national stature that will have a positive influence on the College of Arts and Sciences in its quest to achieve excellence.

Guiding Principles

  • The Chapter promotes and focuses alumni support for the benefit of the College, and the concepts for developing the organizational policies will be determined by the Chapter's leadership.
  • People are the Chapter's most important resource. We will build on our diversity to create a stimulating, enjoyable, and meaningful experience that encourages the participation and support of alumni.
  • We are committed to a high standard of ethics that encompasses honesty, openness, fairness, and integrity in all our processes and practices.
  • To reflect favorably upon the image of the College and its alumni and to develop loyalty, we will always strive to provide excellent services and high-quality programming.
  • We will seek to work cooperatively with the College administration, faculty, students, and alumni to aggressively pursue the development of new programs and creative solutions to challenges.