Atkins University Professorships

Mr. Olin Atkins established the Olin Atkins University Professorships Program, a faculty rewards program designed to help the University retain its best and brightest faculty and to make an investment in people.

Eligibility and Terms

  • Full and associate tenured professors with ten (10) years of service at The University of Memphis are eligible for the program.

  • Selection will be based upon the quality of the faculty member's teaching, research and service, with a special emphasis on teaching skill.

  • Awardees would hold University Professorships for a maximum of three years and would be ineligible for re-consideration for a minimum of three years following expiration of initial awards.

Awardees would be allowed to use their allocations for salaries, travel, supplies or other expenses in any proportion they choose, as long as the total sum does not exceed the annual award amount.

The actual amount of the salary supplement and miscellaneous awards may vary slightly from year-to-year due to investment income results, but would usually be approximately $5,000 per year for full professors and $2,500 per year for associate professors.

Be sure and visit the College of Arts and Sciences Accolades Website for other award information.