Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence

The Dean's office will name two individuals to receive the "College of Arts and Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence" every year to be presented at the College faculty meeting in August.

The winners will each receive a plaque and a monetary award of $250 to be deposited in an account in the recipient's department.

Factors that will be considered in choosing the recipients will include, but not be limited to:

  • Selection of the recipients is based first and foremost on nominations by graduating seniors. 

  • Faculty members who have consistently been near the top of the list for the Smith Award, but have never received enough nominations to win the award in the past;

  • Endeavors made related to teaching by faculty member;

  • Dean's office's knowledge of faculty member's teaching reputation, etc.

  • Must have been teaching in the college for 3 years

There will be no limit on the number of times a faculty member may receive the College of Arts and Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence, but they may receive it no more than once every five years (in other words, a faculty member receiving the award in 2005 would not be eligible to receive the award again until 2010). 

Be sure and visit the College of Arts and Sciences Accolades Website for recipients of this award.