Requesting Class Permits

A permit is required to register for a course section that is closed to you because it is full or has been labeled "restricted" or "permit required" by the academic department. For almost all subjects, you must request a permit from the academic department offering the subject. However, there are some exceptions. Click on the appropriate link to determine which office you should contact for a permit. 

If the department/unit agrees to allow you to register for the course, it will issue an electronic "permit" in the University's registration system. Until it issues this permit, the system will not allow you to register for the class.

Important Points to Remember About Permits

  1. The Registrar's Office cannot issue permits: only academic departments or advising units can.

  2. A permit gives you permission to register for a class: you, yourself, must actually register for the class through the online registration system.

  3. To see if a department has issued you a permit, check your "Registration Status" screen in Student Self Service.

  4. If the online registration system will not allow you to register for the class, even though the department/unit agreed to issue a permit, contact the office again and explain the problem. The office will need to determine if it issued the permit correctly or if it needs to issue an additional permit or permits.