Cap and Gown Pick-up

Picking up your cap and gown will occur 1-2 days prior to YOUR Commencement ceremony. 

Any one pick up your cap and gown for you. You should provide them with an eletronic copy of your Step 4 Confirmation email. 


In order to pick up your cap and gown, you must have completed Step 4 (The Attendance/Non-Attendance Form).  

  • Step 4 Confirmation Page (screenshot confirmation on your mobile device).
  • During cap and gown pick up, you will also receive your pronouncer card, honor cord (Undergraduates only as idenfieid in the program).
  • Graduate Students do not receive academic honors cords but can wear cords from their undergraduate study. 

Pronouncer cards

  • Pronouncer cards are received when you pick up your cap and gown.
  • All students participating in the event must have a pronouncer card in order to participate.
  • Do NOT lose or leave your pronouncer card. You will be unable to participate if you do not bring this card.
  • Use the number on your pronouncer card to line yourself up when you arrive and find your college lineup.
  • Hold on to the card throughout the event. 
  • You will hand the card to the Pronouncer Assistant who will use the card to say your name during your graduation moment. 

Instructions for Wearing Regalia Hood (Doctoral, Specialist, Master and Law)

  • To insure proper fit of your hood, we suggest that men wear a dress shirt and women wear a blouse with buttons or a suit.
  • Hold the hood in your hand by the velvet at the narrowest point. The loop should be hanging straight down. Grasp the loop in your right hand and place the hood over your head so the loop continues to hang straight down in front of your neck.
  • Fasten the loop over a button on your shirt/blouse or jacket, or you may pin it in place. This will prevent the hood from pressing on your throat.
  • Midway down the back of the hood you will find another satin cord and loop. Fasten this loop around the button on the inside of the hood to prevent the hood from falling off your shoulders. This may require the assistance of another person.
  • Be sure to have someone "fluff" the back of the hood just below the button, by turning the velvet side underneath to expose the satin colors on the inside.
  • Check out this How to Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alhVNxZApr4


When/Where do I return my cap and gown? 

  • As a result of COVID 19, caps and gowns are currently (2022-current) keepsake regalia. Yes, this means the cap, gown and hood. 
  • If for any reason you do not want to keep your robe, you can donate it back to our office or pass it on to a friend. 
  • If keepsakes are no longer our way of doing things, we will inform those participants via email. 


We ONLY provide caps and gowns and hoods to individuals who sign up via step 4 to participate in commencement.