Cord & Stole Policy

The Cord & Stole Policy is displayed below. Academic honor cords shall be worn during academic events that require regalia, such as Commencement ceremonies (December, May and August) each semester.

Policy for use of cords and stoles at commencement

  • Cords shall represent undergraduates that have distinguished themselves with GPAs ranging from 4.0-3.25. Cords may be worn by Graduate Students that have earned cords in their undergraduate careers.
  • Undergraduate Cord colors will be white, with distinction; red/crimson, with high distinction; gold, with highest distinction.
  • Cords shall represent academic University recognized honor societies and service in the military only. For a list of University recognized honor societies, view a list of Recognized Honor Societies.
  • Stoles may be used by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), University recognized honor societies and for members of University of Memphis Athletic teams (only). For a list of Registered Student Organizations, view a list of Recognized Honor Societies.
  • Medallions may be worn for Academic Purposes only. For example, Honors Hall University Thesis medallions and medallions that represent your role in Phi Kappa Phi may be adorned.
  • Active-duty military and military veterans can wear stoles, cords and pins, etc. representing those groups. 
  • Senior Class Gift Stoles are permitted. 

Boas, lights, inappropriate labeled items and other like items are never permitted to be worn with the Commencement Attire. If found, we will ask you to remove it. If refused, you will not be permitted to participate in Commencement and escorted out by Security and Law Enforcement.