Hooding Information

Instructions for Wearing Regalia Hood

  • To insure proper fit of your hood, we suggest that men wear a dress shirt and women wear a blouse with buttons or a suit.
  • Hold the hood in your hand by the velvet at the narrowest point. The loop should be hanging straight down. Grasp the loop in your right hand and place the hood over your head so the loop continues to hang straight down in front of your neck.
  • Fasten the loop over a button on your shirt/blouse or jacket, or you may pin it in place. This will prevent the hood from pressing on your throat.
  • Midway down the back of the hood you will find another satin cord and loop. Fasten this loop around the button on the inside of the hood to prevent the hood from falling off your shoulders. This may require the assistance of another person.
  • Be sure to have someone "fluff" the back of the hood just below the button, by turning the velvet side underneath to expose the satin colors on the inside.

Doctoral hooding ceremony 

  • The day of graduation, please arrive 45 minutes before the processional and follow the doctoral signs to meet up with all participating doctoral students and your doctoral Faculty Marshal.
  • The Doctoral Faculty Marshal will answer questions. Candidates should have their hood with them, to place over the back of their chairs, along with their pronouncer cards. Once the marshal has completed his instructions, he will organize the processional line.
  • March in with your hood.
  • Unsnap the button to make the hooding process smoother. 
  • Doctoral Marshal will be at Commencement to assist you with questions. 
  • Please speak to your Major Professor prior to or at the end of the ceremony.
  • In order to keep the ceremony moving quickly, please shake hands with faculty and deans only. You will have time to meet with faculty members after the event.