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English Honors Theses

Here you will find a list of recent English Honors Thesis projects, organized by concentration. Each of these titles is available to view here.

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African American Literature

Author: Kayla Marie Copeland

Committee: Ladrica Menson-Furr & Donal Harris

Title: “The Evolution of Media Representations from the Civil Rights Movement to the Black Lives Matter Movement” (Spring 2019)

Author: Kevyanna Lavette Rawls

Committee: Shelby Crosby & Will Duffy

Title: “Black Women, Social Activism, and Sexual Assault: An Exploration of Civil Rights Activism & the Black Woman’s Body” (Spring 2019)

Applied Linguistics

Author: Hannah D. Green

Committee: Tammy Jones & Ana G. Gal

Title: “The Myth of the Monolingual English Teacher: How Knowing a Second Language Influences English Language Teaching” (Spring 2020)
Honors Thesis Contest Winner

Author: Anna Maria Kirby

Committee: Sage Graham & Lyn Wright 

Title: “Creating Identity Through Dialect in Fantasy Media: The Absence, Presence and Use of Stereotypes in Characters” (Spring 2020)

Author: Lauren James

Committee: Rebecca Adams & Shelby Crosby

Title: “The Sound of Memphis: The Memphis Dialect and How It is Portrayed in Different Forms of Media” (Spring 2019)

Creative Writing

Author: Bethany Rose Soto Datuin

Committee: Marcus Wicker & Donal Harris

Title: “Green Mango: A Collection of Poetry” (Spring 2023)

Author: Crystal M. Nouwen

Committee: Mark Mayer & Carey Mickalites

Title: “The Snake that Devoured Gullitsur Bay: A Novel in Progress” (Spring 2023)

Author: Necia Andrea Cuesta

Committee: Eric Schlich & Carey Mickalites

Title: “Sonder” (Fall 2022)

Author: Zachary Norman Crawford

Committee: Mark Mayer & Cristina Maria Cervone

Title: “Heirlooms: A Novel in Progress” (Fall 2022)

Author: Olivia Lucia Roman

Committee: Eric Schlich & Carey Mickalites

Title: “America to AllMerica: The Slow Fall” (Spring 2022)
Honors Thesis Contest Winner

Author: Randi Leigh Terry

Committee: Eric Schlich, Tammy Jones, & Shelby Crosby

Title: “All the Colors of The Forest: A Creative Exploration of Romantic, Platonic, and Familial Love Through the Lens of Fantasy” (Spring 2022)

Author: Samantha Ann Williams

Committee: Mark Mayer & Kathy Lou Schultz

Title: “Community as Comfort: A Creative Exploration of Intra-Group Solidarity and Safe Spaces” (Spring 2022)

Author: Emily Binkley

Committee: Mark Mayer & Carey Mickalites

Title: “The Flood: The Collapse of Identity in a Culture of Foundational Myth” (Spring 2021)

Author: Heather Nicole Eudy

Committee: Mark Mayer & Theron Britt

Title: "The Witches of Autumn” (Spring 2021)
Honors Thesis Contest Winner

Author: Natalie Jean Meihofer

Committee: Alice Bolin & Mark Mayer 

Title: “Reflecting Fanfiction: A Creative Nonfiction Dedication to the Merits of Reading and Writing Fanfiction” (Spring 2021)

Author: Ethan Wallace Scott

Committee: Eric Schlich, Emily Skaja, & Amit Sen 

Title: “Subsistence: A Creative Interpretation on the Absurdity of Living” (Spring 2021)

Author: Augusta J. Suggs

Committee: Alice Bolin & Emily Skaja 

Title: “Bleeding South: A Collection of Poems” (Spring 2021)

Author: Charlie Edwards 

Committee: Eric Schlich & Catherine Dice

Title: “Sunrise” (Spring 2020)


Author: Leah Virginia Flettrich

Committee: Donal Harris & Emily Skaja 

Title: “Taylor Swift, Pop Music, and the Creation of Modern Folklore” (Spring 2023) 
Honors Thesis Contest Winner

Author: Montgomery Isabella Miller

Committee: Lorinda Cohoon & Ana G. Gal

Title: “Team Edward, Team Jacob … Team Bella?: An Intersectional Analysis of Constructions of Gender in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga” (Spring 2022)

Author: Eric Justin Morris

Committee: Lorinda Cohoon, Ladrica Menson-Furr, & Elizabeth Weston 

Title: “‘We look out for each other’: Celebrating the Literary and Artistic Values of Kwame Alexander’s The Undefeated (illustrated by Kadir Nelson), Rita Williams-Garcia’s One Crazy Summer, and Octavia Butler’s Kindred” (Spring 2022)

Author: Jesse Thomas Simpson

Committee: Donal Harris & Jeffrey Scraba 

Title: “The Ideal of Community Within Horror: The Only Good Indian and The Shadow Over Innsmouth” (Spring 2022)

Author: Donal W. Young

Committee: Don Rodrigues & Ana G. Gal 

Title: “This Man Belongs to Me!”: Homosociality, Patriarchy, and Homosexual Panic in Dracula” (Spring 2022)

Author: Elizabeth Kay Free

Committee: Joshua Phillips & Ana G. Gal 

Title: “Magic, Injustice, and Reconciliations Within the Mabinogi” (Spring 2021)

Author: Chelsea Tait Lucas

Committee: Ladrica Menson-Furr & Terrence Tucker 

Title: “Teaching Empathy: Toni Morrison’s Prophetic Voice on the Intersection of Race and Gender in Song of Solomon” (Spring 2021)

Author: Cy Tremmel

Committee: Shelby Crosby & Kathy Lou Schultz 

Title: “The Tyranny of Memory, and the Need for Empathy” (Spring 2021) 

Author: Rachel E. Layton

Committee: Don Rodrigues & Cookie Woolner 

Title: “‘Being Human and Living’: How HIV/AIDS Established a Vocal and Visible Queer Identity Within Queer Poetry Leading into the 21st Century” (Spring 2020)

Author: Reid Matthew Russom

Committee: Donal Harris & Terrence Tucker 

Title: “One More River to Cross: Locating the Voices of the Memphis Sanitation Workers During the 1968 Strike” (Spring 2019)

Author: Julian Rome

Committee: Donal Harris, Tim Roche, Daniel Larkin, & Will Duffy 

Title: “Plato, Emerson, and Thoreau—Inspiration, Interpretation, and the Idea of the Poet” (Spring 2019)
Honors Thesis Contest Winner

Professional Writing

Author: Rachel Nichole Guffin

Committee: Will Duffy & Lorinda Cohoon

Title: “Representation of Non-English Languages in Professional Editing” (Spring 2019)

Teaching English as a Second Language

Author: Kathleen Sue Snyder

Committee: Rebecca Adams & Emily Thrush

Title: “Teachers’ Perspectives on Effective Methods of Teaching Adult ELL Learners” (Spring 2023)

Author: Anna Mei Siu

Committee: Emily Thrush & Tammy Jones

Title: “Foreign Language Education in the Mid-South: CLIL and Language Immersion” (Spring 2022)