English Honors Program Requirements


  • Conduct substantial research and creative projects
  • Prepare for advanced study (graduate or professional school)
  • "Honors in English" emblem attached to your diploma and university record
  • Future employers and graduate schools take notice of this impressive credential
  • Individualized attention from professors
  • Compete for scholarly awards
  • Interdisciplinary studies
  • Small classes with highly motivated students
  • Sigma Tau Delta membership fee is paid by the English Department
  • Supplemental departmental advising


  • 3.25 or higher Overall GPA, 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA  in all coursework counting toward the major
  • Completed English Honors Program Admissions Application
  • Copy of a strong paper written for a college-level English course


  • 3.25 or higher Overall GPA, and 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA in all coursework counting toward the major
  • ENGL 4995, English Honors Research 
    • Students engage in individual, intensive study of a unique problem or issue in English Studies, culminating in a prospectus for their Honors Thesis. 
  • ENGL 4996, Honors Thesis
    • Working with a Director, and eventually with a Second Reader, students draw upon the research they did during ENGL 4995 as they write a substantial paper that makes an original contribution to the field. 
  • 6 additional hours of upper-division Honors credit in English
    • These can be completed by enrolling in Honors sections of the required Core classes in English, ENGL 3210, 3220 and 3227, or any upper-division English course with an Honors section. 
    • If you are unable to take Honors sections of the Core, you may contract for Honors credit in another upper-division English course using the online Honors Contract submission process. Detailed instructions for online submission can be found on the Honors College website. See also further information on contracting for Honors in English courses. 
    • If you have taken Honors courses at another university, please contact the English Honors Director to discuss substitutions.
    • You must earn a B or better for a course to earn Honors credit.

Honors students are encouraged to meet with the English Honors Director during advising sessions before each semester. Please note that the English Honors Program both stands alone from and complements the University Honors Program. For English Majors enrolled in the Honors College, the English Honors Program provides extra advising and course opportunities. You may participate in only one of these programs, but you are encouraged to make use of both.

English Honors Director:

Dr. Cristina Maria Cervone