Honors Courses

Approximately 75 classes from a wide variety of disciplines are offered each semester, and most are 1000-2000 level courses that satisfy the University's General Education requirements or serve as introductory courses in the major. Honors courses offer an alternative to large lecture courses, and the class size is usually about 20 students.

Honors courses at The University of Memphis (UofM) can be distinguished from regular courses in the expectations and abilities of the students, the role and involvement of the faculty, and the nature of the courses themselves. Honors courses are generally discussion-based classes that emphasize writing, problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, and a certain amount of intellectual risk-taking. Whenever possible, an integrative approach that links various disciplines to a common problem is encouraged.

Although honors courses are more challenging than regular courses, most students find that their grades in honors courses are equal to or higher than grades earned in regular courses. To enroll in honors classes, students must be accepted to the program and be classified as honors students in the university's registration system.

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