I completed my service hours for my merit scholarship (Deans, Provost, Presidential, etc.) through volunteer work, not through an Honors course or experience. How do I report this for my scholarship requirement?

Merit scholarships offered by the UofM that require service hours are managed by the UofM scholarship office (located on the second floor of Wilder Tower). For information on reporting service hours, please go the UofM scholarship office webpage > 

I completed 75 service hours in the community through volunteer work. Does this count as an Honors course?

No. Although successfully completing an Honors course or Honors experience counts as 75 service hours toward a UofM merit scholarship, this does not work in reverse. Completing 75 service hours does not count as an Honors course. More information on scholarship service hours >

I joined honors as a transfer student. Do I need to take the Honors Forum course?

No. Transfer students are not required to take the one-credit hour Honors Forum course. However, transfer students are still required to complete 25 hours of honors credits to graduate with the “University Honors” or “University Honors with Thesis” designations.

I am studying abroad or away (with NSE) and receive a merit scholarship that requires service hours. I usually take Honors courses to fulfill the service requirement. How do I complete service hours if I am studying off-campus?

Your study abroad experience will count as 75 service hours, an Honors Experience, and 3 hours of Honors credits. Be sure to submit a completed Honors Experience Form before leaving for the program. More information about Honors Experiences >