Scholarship Service Hours

The Honors College does not require members to complete service hours. However, many scholarships offered by the University of Memphis (UofM), such as the Dean's, Provost and Presidential awards, require a service obligation to the institution of 25-50 hours per academic year. These merit scholarships offered by the UofM are managed by the UofM Scholarship Office (located on the second floor of Wilder Tower). 

Fulfill Scholarship Hours with Honors

Because honors courses require significant enrichment activities by the student over and above normal course requirements, The UofM Scholarship Office allows service hours to be considered fulfilled for students who are either enrolled in an honors class, contracting for honors credit, or otherwise completing the requirements for an Honors Experience.

The Honors College notifies the UofM Scholarship Office at the end of the academic year of members of the Honors College who successfully complete a three credit hour (or higher) Honors course, contracted course or Honors experience with the grade of "B" or higher, will satisfy 25 volunteer hours required to maintain a merit scholarship.

Honors Activity Service Hours
Three or More Credit Honors Course 25
Three or More Credit Honors Contracted Course 25
Graduate Level Course 25
Study Abroad (One Time Only) 25
Internship for Academic Credit (One Time Only) 25
Present at National Undergraduate Research Conference 50

Service Hours Do Not Count as Honors Credits

The Honors College does not require members to complete service hours. Although successfully completing Honors activities counts as service hours toward a UofM merit scholarship, this does not work in reverse. Completing 25 service hours does not count as Honors credits or experience.

Other Ways to Fulfill Scholarship Hours

If you are needing to complete service hours, the UofM student involvement website has a calendar and database of volunteer opportunities in Memphis. View UofM Volunteer Database >

For information about reporting scholarship hours you completed outside of an Honors course or experience, contact the scholarship office at scholarships@memphis.edu or view the Scholarship Office Website >