Honors Experience

“Honors Experiences” include opportunities that expand the standard curriculum and enhance the academic experience. Students are required to complete two Honors Experiences to graduate with an honors designation.

An approved honor experience will also count as a 3-credit honors course and 75 scholarship service hours (if applicable). 

Honors Experiences

Course Related Experiences 

  • Upper-division Departmental or College honors courses
  • Upper-division UNHP courses
  • Graduate level courses (if participating in bachelor's/master's accelerated degree program)
  • Honors independent study of at least 3 credit hours to an honors thesis
  • Upper-division honors course by contract

Non-Course Related Experiences

All non-course related honors experiences must be approved, in advance, by the Honors College. 

  • Study Abroad
    • Must be an official credit-bearing UofM program (one-time only)
  • Internship
    • Must be credit-bearing with a companion upper-division internship course (one-time only)

Please note: Non-course related experiences can only be counted as an honors experience one time each. 

Students may also petition to have counted as Honors Experiences projects and endeavors not listed above. All Honors Experiences must be approved in advanced by the Honors College. 

Honors Experience Approval 

For approval, please submit a honors experience form to the Honors College prior to start of the experience.

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