The Name of the Hypostyle Hall

Ancient Egyptian pharaohs always bestowed grand sounding names on their monuments, and Sety I was no exception. Compounding it with his own royal name, the pharaoh dedicated it as "The Divine Mansion (called): Sety-Beloved-of-Amun-is-Effective-in-the-Estate-of-Amun." In fact, this was just one of a parallel set of Sety's temple foundations sharing comparable titles. Just across the Nile River from Karnak lie the ruins of Sety I's memorial temple at Gurnah. During the New Kingdom, each pharaoh dedicated his royal memorial temple on the west bank of Thebes to his personal godhood and funerary cult, and simultaneously, to his close association with Amun-Re. Gurnah Temple bears almost the identical name as the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak, but with the added qualification "On-the-West-of-Thebes." Like other royal memorial temples, Sety I's Gurnah shrine operated as a satellite of Amun's main Karnak residence.

hall name

The name of the Hypostyle Hall in hieroglyphs:
Ax %ty mr.n-Imn m pr Imn
"Effective is Sety-beloved-of-Amun in the estate of Amun.

At Karnak, Sety emblazoned the Hall's official sobriquet at several points throughout the building. It turns up on the north gateway and in long dedicatory inscriptions on the architrave beams atop columns in the central nave, and in religious scenes on the walls and columns, various gods are said to dwell within the so-named building.