2020 News (Archives)

Awards and Recognition

Congratulations to Dr. Irena Lasiecka, Distinguished University Professor who was awarded the 2020 William R. Sparks Eminent Faculty Award. This is the highest honor awarded by the university to its faculty members, as indicated on the awards website, hosted by the Provost's Office.

Congratulations also to Dr. Roberto Triggiani, Distinguished University Professor who received the 2020 UoM Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Research in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. You may read about all the alumni awards at this website, scrolling about halfway down the page.

Congratulations to Misty Freeman who was selected as a faculty member for one of the statewide dual credit (SDC) content teams who will be creating new curriculum resources for high school teachers. This work will align high school and post-secondary education in Tennessee.

Congratulations to Mathematical Sciences faculty who were recognized at the University's Research Celebration on February 25, 2020. For being First Time Principal Investigators in FY19, Alpha Ba was recognized for his Dual Enrollment Grant from the Southwest Community College and Gisele Goldstein was recognized for her CBMS Regional Conference at Montgomerry Bell Park. George Anastassiou was recognized for being a 2019 Book Author/Editor.

Congratulations to Máté Wierdl, who has been awarded the Paul Erdős Professorship in Mathematics. He has been awarded this professorship for 2020-2023.