Attendance Reporting

Attendance is assumed for all students unless you indicate otherwise. If all students are attending, you do not have to take any action for that class.

Use the Attendance Reporting screen to:

  • Record never-attended status and stopped-attending status/date.
    Do this when requested by the Registrar's Office (early in the part of term) or anytime thereafter as needed. You may record non-attendance through the grading period.

  • Correct never-attended status and stopped-attending status/date as needed.
    You may do this through the grading period.

Do not be concerned if:

  • "Not Reported" appears under "Last Attend Date" for a withdrawn student. At Financial Aid's request, a "Last Attend Date" cannot be entered for a withdrawn student.
  • "Not Reported" appears under "Attendance Confirmation Date" for any student. The system assumes that a student is attending unless you indicate otherwise.

 Access the Attendance Screen

  1. Login to the portal and click on your Faculty page (in the menu bar at the top of the screen).

  2. Look for the Banner Self Service portlet. Expand the Faculty and Advisors folder; click on Attendance Reporting.

  3. Select the desired term from the drop-down list and click [Submit].

  4. Next, select the course (title and CRN) from the drop-down list and click [Submit]. 

Record Attendance

You should now be on the actual Attendance Reporting screen for the selected class. Please note the drop-down box that appears in the Attendance column for each student:

Attendance status


You will see 4 options in the Attendance drop-down box but will use only 3. The ones you will select most often are N and S. You will occasionally need Y.

Never intentionally select Not Reported. Use only N, S, or Y.

N: Never-Attended

Select "N" to indicate a student has never attended. Do not enter a date; a date before the first day of semester classes will automatically be entered into the "Last Attend Date" column once you click [Submit] for the page. After your [Submit], the last three columns for a Never-Attended student should appear as follows:

Never Attended


S: Stopped-Attending

Select "S" to indicate that a student has stopped attending. Then enter a stopped-attending date in the Last Attend Date column. Once you click [Submit], the last three columns for a Stopped-Attending student should appear as follows:

Stopped Attending

Please note these rules about entering dates:

  • Enter your date in MM/DD/YYYY format. You must enter the slashes as well as leading zeros for the day and month when needed. For example, enter "09/26/2015" for September 26, 2015.
  • You cannot enter a future date.
  • You cannot enter a date prior to the beginning of the term. This would mean the student never attended; if this is the case, then record him or her as never-attended (N) rather than stopped-attending.

Also note the following about recording stopped-attending dates:

  • You may enter stopped-attending dates at any time during the term.
  • If the student is to receive a final grade of F or U, you should enter a stopped-attending date if the failing grade is a result of the student's non-attendance.

Y: Corrections

If you incorrectly submit a student with an "N" or "S" and need to correct this, or if you submit a student with an "N" or "S" and then the student starts attending, take these actions:

  1. Change the "N" or "S" to "Y" in the Attendance column.
  2. Delete or space out the date in Last Date Attend column.
  3. Click Submit.


Warning Messages

  • Please submit attendance often. There is a 60 minute time limit starting at [time] on [date] for this page.

    The first part of this system-delivered message is confusing. You are not being instructed to report attendance or non-attendance on a daily or weekly basis. Rather, you are being encouraged to click [Submit] regularly once you start a reporting session. In other words, don't leave your terminal and go to lunch or a meeting with a session still open: you could lose all the changes you made after the last [Submit]. (Incidentally, with each [Submit], your 60-minute time limit is restarted, so you should have ample time to report non-attending students in all of your sections.)

Error Messages

When you click [Submit], you will receive either a message telling you that your entries have been accepted or this message telling you that you have errors to correct: At least one student record is in error. Please review errors below.

A record in error is marked with an asterisk (*) to the right of the e-mail icon. The error message is listed below the record in error. Correct any errors and [Submit] again. Once corrected, the error will not reappear.

  • Future dates are not permitted. Please enter a Last Date of Attendance within term, no later than today.

    Enter a stopped-attending date that is equal to today's date or an earlier term date.

  • If the student has stopped attending, a Last Date of Attendance is required. Last Date of Attendance is not permitted when Attendance Indicator = Y.

    Either you left the Attendance Indicator at Y and tried to enter a stopped-attending date, or you changed the indicator to S but failed to enter a stopped-attending date. To indicate that a student has stopped attending, you must set the indicator to S and enter a semester date equal to today's date or earlier.

  • Last Date of Attendance cannot be earlier than the first day of classes.

    To indicate that a student has stopped attending, you must set the indicator to S and enter a semester date equal to today's date or earlier. If the student has never attended, set the indicator to N and leave the date blank. A date prior to the first day of classes will automatically be generated after you click [Submit].

  • You entered a date in an invalid date format.

    A stopped-attending date must be entered in this format: MM/DD/YYYY. MM = 2 digits; DD = 2 digits; YYYY = 4 digits. You must enter the slashes.


Select another CRN to report on, or navigate to another service. To select another CRN, click the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page, and the select "Attendance Reporting" in the resulting menu.

Logout: Click on the logout icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when you are finished using the portal.