Register for Classes

The registration process begins before registration opens. An overview of the process is outlined below.

Before Registration Opens

View Dates

Check the appropriate semester Dates & Deadlines calendar to determine registration and term dates, and your first day to register.

View Courses

Class offerings are available online, usually one month before registration opens.

View Financial Aid

Login to the myMemphis portal. Click on the Student Pages tab and then click My Finances to review and accept your financial aid awards.

View Registration Status

Login to the portal and select the Prepare for Registration link (Student page under Online Registration). Look in particular at:

  1. Holds - You cannot register if you have any Registration holds. Immunization and financial responsibility holds can be acknowledged and cleared at https://sa.memphis.edu. For all other holds, contact the office that placed the hold to determine how you can remove it. Read about Holds.

  2. Registration Notices - You must be a current student with an Active status for the term. If you see these messages—"you have no registration time ticket," "you require readmission," "your status prevents registration,"—you must apply for admission or readmission before registering. (Note: When you skip a Fall or Spring term, your status changes to "Inactive" and you must be readmitted.)

Meet with Your Advisor

If you are a degree-seeking student, you must be cleared to register by your advisor or advising unit. Otherwise, you will be blocked from registering by the "Alternate PIN" field. Once your advisor clears you, you will not encounter this roadblock again. Visit Academic Advising for advising information.

Once Registration Opens

Login and Register

Register online through the myMemphis portal as early as possible for the best course selection; once you are in the portal, look for the Register for Classes  link on your Student page. Also:

Pay Fees

Pay your fees online (select your Student page in the portal), or pay in person at University & Student and Business Services (USBS), 115 Wilder Tower. Refer to the USBS website for fee payment deadlines and other fee-related information, including fee payment methods, and possible refunds.

Before You Go To Class

Review your schedule just prior to the first day of classes. Buildings and room numbers often need to be revised before classes start.

After Classes Begin

Review your schedule to be sure you are registered for all classes you are attending. If you do not register for a class you are attending, you will not receive credit.