Elite Student Audit Program

The Elite Student Audit Program (formerly the senior audit program) allows Tennessee residents who are or will become age 60 during the academic semester to audit courses at the University of Memphis without paying tuition charges. A one-time application fee and some course fees may apply. If you will become 65 during the semester and would like to take courses for credit, see University & Student Business Services information about credit courses.  

How do I apply?

It is time to submit your documents for Fall 2021. No applications for Fall 2021 will be accepted after August 9, 2021. Email all forms to Catrina Copeland at clcpland@memphis.edu.

  • If you have participated in the audit program in the past, please complete and return the audit form.
  • If you have attended the University in the past but this is your first time participating in the Elite Student Audit Program:
    • Complete and return the audit form.
    • Include a copy of your driver’s license for proof of age and residency.
  • If this is your first time ever attending the University of Memphis:
    • Complete and return the audit form.
    • Complete and return the immunization form. Be sure to sign in both sections.
    • Include a copy of your driver’s license for proof of age and residency.
    • Mail us a check made to University of Memphis for the application fee: Undergraduate - $25.00 or Graduate - $35.00. You must have a college degree to apply as a graduate.

What courses can I audit?

You can audit on-campus courses in nearly all departments. The only exceptions are LAW, ARCH, NURS, and AVIA courses. You may audit MUAP and MUTC private lesson courses with a permit issued from the Music department. You may not audit online, Independent Study, Dual Enrollment, or Honors courses. Permission to audit is limited according to space availability. If a permit is required, you will need to request it from the instructor/department.

How do I register?

You will be able to register yourself when University & Student Business Services opens registration for non-paying students. For Fall 2021, that date is July 26, 2021 at 7 am. 

Consult class listings to begin thinking about what courses you may want to take.  Please pay special attention to the following:

  • Campus Location – When looking at your results, pay attention to the campus location. Not all courses are offered on the main campus. 
  • Seat Availability – Click on the course title line of any section you are interested in to determine if a seat is available.
  • Permit – If a permit is required, you will need to request it from the instructor.

How do I attend?

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to check your schedule. You will also receive a parking decal from Parking and Transportation Services. If you do not have a parking hangtag or do not receive a decal, contact Parking and Transportation Services.  View a campus map and a parking map.    

See our Semester Dates and Deadlines calendars for term and part of term start and end dates.

Student conduct and performance in the courses will be subject to the academic and disciplinary policies of the University of Memphis. See the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, please contact Averill Conway Hill at 901.678.3931 or email arconway@memphis.edu.

Elite Student Audit Program
The University of Memphis
Office of the Registrar
003 Wilder Tower
Memphis, TN 38152-3520