Summer Conference Housing

General Information


Limited parking access is available for an additional cost to be determined. The estimated rate is $3.00 per vehicle per day.

Summer Staff

The Summer Conference Housing Staff is available to assist you on a daily basis and to make your stay in the residence halls an enjoyable experience. There is a 24-hour desk in each hall that is open for Conference Housing. Here you will find a staff member available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. Provided below is a description of the duties and responsibilities of the various members of the Conference Housing staff.

Assistant Director, Conference Housing

The Assistant Director of Conference Housing for Housing and Residence Life directs the overall operation of the Summer Conference Housing program. The Assistant Director is responsible for selecting, training, and supervising all full-time and student staff as well as organizing systems to address the many housing needs of our guests. Additionally, the Assistant Director oversees efforts to properly manage the maintenance and cleanliness of the residence halls.

Residence Life Coordinators

Residence Life Coordinators are live-in staff members employed by the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Their primary responsibilities are supervising the Conference & Facility Assistant staff, maintaining contact with group leaders, and handling the administrative details of the residence halls. They serve as resource persons, organize and oversee staff scheduling, and insure the safety, security, and cleanliness of each residence hall. One Residence Life Coordinator is on call each night.

Conference & Facility Assistants

Conference & Facility Assistants (CFAs) are University of Memphis students selected as live-in staff in the residence halls used for Summer Conference Housing. Their primary responsibilities include staffing each front desk, checking guests in and out, familiarizing guests with university policies and procedures, performing minor preventive maintenance tasks, and serving as resource persons. They are the front line staff of the Conference Housing operation. There is at least one CFA on duty every night in each hall in addition to the CFA  available at the front desk.

Staff Availability

The residence hall front desk is staffed around the clock throughout the summer. Additionally, Conference Housing staff members are on duty and on call each night to handle any situation that may arise.

Conference Housing Desk Staff

Each residence hall has a main desk located in the lobby of the building. Conference Assistants at each desk serve as a general resource person for all conference guests. If you need to contact someone at the front desk in case of emergency or to leave a message for a conference guest, please use the following phone numbers:

Centennial Place (901) 678-2836
Living Learning Complex (901) 678-5726


Tiffany Murphy, Conference Housing Manager
901.678.6070 tyoung@memphis.edu