Conference Housing Terms and Conditions


A conference is defined as an organized student or adult group meeting which is not considered a part of a regular long term or summer session for registered University students.  Conferences held at the University of Memphis must be academic in nature, or closely related to the University’s mission.  All groups meeting at the University of Memphis should first obtain sponsorship from one of the University’s departments.

The job of Conference Housing employees is to provide assistance with a pleasant personality using campus and city knowledge to make each conference participant’s stay comfortable and enjoyable.

The benefits to the University are many.  Facilities, which would otherwise be vacant, are occupied and generate income.  This income is returned to the University to offset registered residence hall student living costs.  Summer employment is available for individuals who might not otherwise be employed.  In addition, with many people visiting the University and leaving with a positive image, the University of Memphis public image is enhanced.


The Summer Conference Housing staff is available to assist you on a daily basis and to make your stay in the residence halls an enjoyable experience.  Each residence hall has a main desk located in the lobby of the building that is staffed 24 hours.  The Conference Housing desk staff is the front-line staff and available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.  In addition, there is live-in Conference Housing staff on duty every night from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. in each hall and a full-time professional on call from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. daily.


Individuals or Groups are eligible to live in Conference Housing within the residence halls, except for summer school students.  An individual or group guest must be approved and meet eligibility requirements (detailed below) at the time the request is made for Conference Housing.  Conference Housing guests who cease to meet eligibility requirements will have their assignment cancelled and must vacate the residence hall within 24 hours.

Individual guests must be directly engaged in University business during their stay and have a University department host and/or be affiliated with an internship within the City of Memphis for guest housing. Some examples of eligible guests include: visiting scholars, researchers or interns.  We are unable to house individuals who are visiting only for vacation or tourism reasons.

Groups must have departmental sponsorship to be considered internal affiliates; otherwise, the group must be an approved external partner with an educational focus that promotes the mission of the University of Memphis.

Request for Housing

Individual guests must complete an online Intern/Individual Request for Conference Housing.  Individuals whose requests have been approved will be notified via email once an assignment has been made.  There is no application fee.

Internal groups must contact the Assistant Director for Conference Housing for housing accommodations and group information.  A Facility Use Agreement must be signed prior to the stay.

External groups must contact Conference and Event Services for housing accommodations and group information.  A contract must be signed and a deposit may be required prior to the stay.

Housing Assignments

Room assignments are made based on the date of receipt of the request, requested time period, rooming preference (i.e., single/double), and availability of accommodations.  There is no guarantee that a request will be accommodated.  Individuals and/or groups whose requests have been approved will be notified via email once an assignment has been made. 

For housing assignments to be finalized, individuals and group contacts must read and acknowledge understanding of the terms and conditions contained in the web page and the request for housing or facilities use agreement/contract.


Cancellations will be accepted and refunds issued if written notice is given to the Housing and Residence Life Department two weeks prior to the check-in date.

University Housing Rules and Regulations for Conference Guests

Listed below are rules and regulations regarding the University Housing for guests.  If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Director of Conference Housing at 901-678-6070 or tyoung@memphis.edu.



Each guest room is wired for cable television.  Should you choose to bring your own television and coaxial cable, cable television service is available at no additional charge.  Coaxial cables are not provided.  Televisions are not provided in common areas, such as lobbies/lounges for guests’ access. 

Internet Access

All guest rooms in the residence halls and apartments are equipped with high-speed wireless internet connection.  To access the internet, individuals must use the UofM guest login.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry facilities are located in all residence halls and free for conference housing guests.  Laundry facilities are for use by residential guests only.  The use of the laundry areas by non-residential guests constitutes a theft of services.  High-efficiency soap is recommended for University Housing washing machines.

Linen (optional)

All guests have the option for standard linen to be provided at an additional cost.  This includes towels, sheets, a bedspread, pillow and pillow case. Blankets are available upon request.  Linen is changed twice per week for any group or individual that stays for more than five consecutive days.

Parking (optional)

Limited parking access is available for an additional cost to be determined based on length of stay and requested parking area.  Parking passes will be provided to each Conference Housing guest and must be hung in his/her vehicle(s) appropriately for visibility.


Landline telephones are not available in rooms or building common spaces.  Desk Services phones are for business purposes only, not for guests’ personal use. We recommend that you bring your own cell phone and charger.



Bathrooms may be designated as single-gender facilities by wing or floor.  Centennial Place and the Living Learning Complex bathrooms are semi-private (the bathrooms are shared among the members of the wing.)  Depending on the residence hall wing configuration, usually 4-6 people share each semi-private bathroom. The semi-private bathroom has a toilet, shower and sink.  The bathroom is designed for one person at a time with a locking door for complete privacy.  Rawls and Smith bathrooms are community-style.  All bathrooms, with the exception of apartments, are cleaned daily by custodial staff. However, we cannot guarantee that staff assigned to clean the bathrooms are the same gender as guests assigned to the specific floors.  Every attempt is made to not inconvenience groups from use of their bathrooms during peak times such as mornings before 9:00 a.m.

Common Area Spaces/Lobbies

Common area lobby space can be used by groups and individuals on a first-come, first-served basis.  They are not reserved through Conference Housing.  Hallways, lobbies and lounges should not be used for the storage of personal items.  Sleeping in common area space is prohibited.  Housing provided furniture in common spaces (e.g., lounges and lobbies) may not be removed by guests.  In most residence halls, the common area furniture is movable.  All furniture must be placed in a manner that allows access to the space without obstruction to doorways and exits.  If common area furniture is rearranged, all furniture must be returned to its original configuration prior to the guest's departure.  Common areas are cleaned daily.


Bicycles, Hoverboards, Electric Scooters, Etc.

Bicycles parked outside must be parked in bicycle racks.  They may not be attached to trees, signs, rails, etc.  Bicycle storage is allowed in guest rooms, provided all roommates agree.  Take all the appropriate safety precautions to safeguard your bicycle with a lock.  Given documented safety concerns regarding storage and charging of electric devices, hoverboards and electric scooters are prohibited in University residence halls.

Fire Alarms

Building evacuation is required when the fire alarm is sounding.  Guests should exit the building and move as far away as possible for their own safety and to allow access to the building to those responding to the alarm.  Do not attempt to use elevators during a fire alarm.  Groups should have a designated meeting place outside the building in the event of a fire alarm to be able to account for all program participants.

Fire Equipment

Smoke detectors must be plugged in at all times.  Tampering with fire equipment such as fire alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, exit signs and smoke detectors is prohibited.  Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing a fire extinguisher from its prescribed location
  • Discharging a fire extinguisher for any purpose other than putting out a fire
  • Setting false alarms
  • Tampering with the covers on fire alarm pull stations
  • Tampering with common area and room sprinkler systems
  • Tampering with exit signs
  • Activating an alarm absent an emergency situation
  • Interfering with fire fighters or equipment designed to prevent or respond to fires


Report any maintenance needs to the residence hall front desk staff.  Maintenance reports are reviewed and updated daily to ensure the correct information has been entered so that repairs can be completed as quickly as possible.

Emergency maintenance, such as (1) a broken pipe; (2) an overflowing commode; (3) non-functioning elevators; (4) flooded basement; (5) heat, air-conditioning or electrical failure, need to be reported to a staff member immediately.

Personal Illness and/or Injury

Should emergency medical assistance be needed, call 911 or 901-678-HELP (4357).  Individual programs will have specific protocols for illness and injury of a less serious nature.  Any illness or injury while staying in University Housing should be reported to the residence hall front desk for completion of an incident report  by staff.

Pest Control

All pest concerns should be reported to the staff at the residence hall front desk and a maintenance request will be completed. 

Robbery and Theft

Please notify Police Services and residence hall front desk staff if you witness or are involved in a robbery or theft.

Room Entry/Search and Seizure Policies

Guests, like other citizens, have the right to be free from unreasonable searches of their living quarters; however, the operative word is “unreasonable.”  Searches which are designed to protect the safety of guests and to ensure compliance with University policy are not unreasonable.  University staff members have the right to enter rooms to inspect for health, safety and maintenance, and to determine compliance with University regulations.  When it is necessary to enter an occupied room, at least two staff members will be present.

Search and Seizure

1.       The University reserves the right to enter and/or search any residence hall or apartment room or space. Searches will be authorized by the Director of Housing and Residence Life or his/her designee. Searches will be conducted by appropriate University staff members who will seize items not permitted in the residence (e.g., weapons etc.). Searches may be authorized anytime there is reasonable cause to believe that there is a health or safety concern. The University also has the right to contact the University or City of Memphis police who may elect to request a search warrant.

2.       The University assumes no responsibility for the theft, destruction, or loss of confiscated property.

Safety and Security

  • Interfering with the safety and security of the residence hall is prohibited.  Violations include, but are not limited to:
  • Tampering with locks in guest rooms and other areas
  • Propping open doors that are meant to be locked and/or closed
  • Jamming a door open to prevent it from opening or closing
  • Tying doors open or shut
  • Taping open locks on doors
  • Altering or duplicating University keys/e-keys
  • Tampering with security cameras
  • Removing or altering window screens.  These must be kept on the windows, in their proper position, always
  • Tampering with exterior doors that are meant to be locked at designated times
  • Leaving guest room doors unlocked or propped



Keys are to be in the possession of and only used by the guest to whom they were issued.  University keys may not be duplicated or altered.  Guests should be able to show room keys upon request.  Guests may not lend or give their key to someone else.

Lockouts & Loaner Keys

If a guest gets locked out or needs a loaner key, it must be signed out and signed back in or the guest will be charged for a lost key.

Lost Keys

If a key is lost, a $10.00 charge for Onity card keys and a $40.00 minimum charge for hard keys will be assessed to the individual before a replacement key will be issued.  A refund will not be issued if the key is returned later.



Tampering with elevators is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Tampering with the control panels/key access
  • Forcing elevator doors open or preventing them from closing
  • Cramming too many people or items into the elevator
  • Tampering with the alarm system
  • Engaging in behavior which damages the proper functioning of the elevators

In the event of an elevator malfunction, ring the emergency bell and wait for assistance.  Never attempt to remove someone or yourself from a malfunctioning elevator.  Police Services will be contacted for assistance with guests stuck inside of a malfunctioning elevator.  Report any elevator concerns to the staff at the residence hall front desk.

Lost and Found

Any items left behind will be reported to the Conference Coordinator assigned to that group or individual, and labeled indicating which room the item(s) came from and which group was using that room.  Items will be placed in a designated lost and found area and held for 30 days after checkout.  Items not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of per University Housing policy.  To inquire about lost items, contact the Assistant Director of Conference Housing within 30 days of your departure.


All mail that is received for conference guests will be placed in mailboxes at the residence hall front desk unless otherwise designated by the program staff.  A mail notification will be placed on that individual’s door.  Packages that do not fit in mailboxes will be logged as a package for the guest at the residence hall front desk.  The guest may pick up the mail or package by providing a photo ID. Youth guests without a photo ID must be verified by a counselor with a photo ID.

Group contacts should alert the Assistant Director of Conference Housing about any deliveries that are scheduled prior to the arrival of the residential programs.  If notification is not made, mailings may be returned to sender.

Packages and envelopes with misaddressed or unrecognizable addresses that cannot be delivered will be returned.  To help prevent returned mail, each piece of mail should include the following:

Recipient’s name
Conference or group name (if applicable)
c/o Conference Housing
175 Centennial Place
Memphis, TN 38152

Pets/Services Animals

For reasons of sanitation, pest control and odor, pets are NOT allowed in the residence halls during Conference Housing.  Service animals are allowed subject to applicable law and must be supervised at all times.


Aggressive Behavior

Rowdy, boisterous, offensive, obscene or disorderly behavior is not permitted.  This includes any behavior considered to be confrontational, aggressive or threatening to others.  These interactions are discouraged and will be documented as incidents and may lead to termination of a guest’s stay.


Guests are expected to comply with the directions of staff members, who in the course of their duties, request that a guest comply with regulations or instructions.  Guests are expected to follow the instructions of staff during inclement weather or when other campus emergencies occur.


Each conference group and individual guest is responsible for damages that occur beyond normal wear and tear.  After each group/individual vacates, rooms are checked for damages and maintenance needs.  Damages caused will be reported and the group or individual will be charged for the damage in accordance with the contract terms and University policy.  Information will be provided as to what room was damaged, the nature of the damage(s) and which individual(s) occupied that room. 


Fighting is not allowed or tolerated in the residence halls.  Action will be taken swiftly and carefully by the Conference Housing staff to prevent any injury to individuals and damage to the building.  Assault/battery against another individual is prohibited.  Violations of this include, but are not limited to: verbally or physically threatening another person with physical harm, or touching another person, with or without a weapon, in a manner that is aggressive or threatening.  If a fight or an assault occurs, Police Services should be called at 901-678-HELP (4357).  If you witness an assault, please call 911 immediately.


Disturbing other guests is not permitted.  Guests are expected to be courteous and respectful regarding the noise they create 24 hours a day.  To ensure a quality Conference Housing experience for you and other guests sharing the facilities, the hours between 10:00p.m. and 10:00a.m. are designated as Quiet Hours.  Please keep noise to a minimum.  While stereos and other sound producing equipment are allowed in the halls, such equipment must not be audible outside of the guests’ rooms. 

Personal Property

The University of Memphis assumes no responsibility for any personal belongings.  Rooms should be secured/locked throughout your stay and checked thoroughly before departure.  The University has no responsibility for the theft, destruction, or loss of monies, valuables or other personal properties belonging to, or being in a guest’s room or apartment unit.


It is the guest’s responsibility to remove trash from his/her room/apartment/building and place it in a dumpster located outside his/her residence hall. Guests will be charged in accordance with Housing policy for failing to properly dispose of trash.  Trash from guests’ rooms is not to be put in the bathroom and common area trash cans.


Damaging, defacing and/or destroying University property or property belonging to another guest is prohibited.  Damages caused by program participants/guests will be the responsibility of the program participant and sponsor.  The Housing and Residence Life Department will charge for repairs, including but not limited to all supplies and labor.  Please notify staff at the residence hall front desk if you witness vandalism.


Guests must comply will all University of Memphis published rules and policies, federal, state and local laws in addition to the following housing policies:

Alcohol and Drugs

The University of Memphis is a dry campus.  The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University controlled property, even if you are of legal drinking age.  Additionally, the use, possession, or distribution of narcotics or other illegal substances is prohibited.

Candles and other open flame devices

Possessing or using any device which produces an open flame or noxious odor is prohibited.  These include, but are not limited to, candles, incense or potpourri.


Cooking and food preparation in an extensive and/or ongoing manner is not permitted in residential rooms as a matter of safety and sanitation; therefore, kitchens and kitchenettes are available in each residence hall.  Guests are expected to clean up the kitchen and kitchenette behind themselves.  Guests are responsible for bringing their own cooking equipment, utensils, food/beverage products and cleaning supplies.

The possession of any electrical or gas cooking appliances other than approved coffee makers with enclosed heating elements, and microwaves (up to .5 cubic feet with a maximum of 800 watts of cooking power) is not permitted (e.g., popcorn poppers, hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, electric frying pans, George Foreman grills, hamburger makers, pizza ovens, immersion cup heaters).  The University will confiscate any hazardous appliances.

Heat Producing Appliances

Appliances with open coils or exposed heating elements, such as toaster ovens, hot plates, slow cookers, woks, halogen lamps and other heat producing items, are prohibited.  If any of these items are brought to campus, guests will be required to remove them immediately, or they may be confiscated during your stay.

Room Furniture

All furniture must be placed in a manner that allows the room door to open without obstruction.  Furniture may not be removed from the guest rooms.  Beds can be raised or lowered at the discretion of the guests, but beds cannot be stacked or arranged in a loft style set-up.  All furniture must be returned to its original configuration prior to the guest's departure. 


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the University residence halls, including common area spaces such as lobbies, hallways and bathrooms as well as resident rooms.  Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of all University residence halls under the University’s smoke-free policy.  Use of e-cigarettes is not permitted in University residence halls.

Weapons, Fire Arms, Explosives, Etc.

The possession and/or use of firearms and other dangerous weapons, explosives, firecrackers, bottle rockets, smoke bombs and related paraphernalia are strictly prohibited in and around the residence halls.  This includes guns, paint ball guns, BB guns, pellet guns, air guns, stun guns, bows and arrows, knives and swords and any other type of weapon.