celia anderson
Celia Anderson, Ph.D.
Math Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

Brief Biography: Dr. Anderson joined the faculty in Instruction & Curriculum Leadership in 2002. Her area of specialization is Mathematics Education. Her past scholarship focuses on equity in mathematics education; mathematics teacher professional development; and critical race theory in education.

Research Interests: Sociology of urban mathematics education

Current scheduled teachings: ICL 4007 Curriculum/Instruction Secondary Math; ICL 7502 Teaching Math Secondary School; ICL 7508 Seminar in Mathematics Education; ICL 7503 Secondary Math Ed Curriculum

jeff byford
Jeffrey M. Byford, Ph.D.
Social Studies Education
University of Oklahoma, 2002

Brief Biography: Dr. Byford is a professor of social studies education.  He has a background in social studies education and taught high school social studies in Norman, Oklahoma.  Dr. Byford’s research interest and focus includes social studies education and the implementation of content-centered, decision-making curriculum with a primary focus on the cold war.  He is a two-time Fulbright Specialist Scholar (Fall 2010) Chiba University, Chiba, Japan, and (Spring 2014), Vietnam Institute of Educational Science, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Research Interest: Cold war education curriculum and design; socialist education movements in Eastern Europe; values and decision-making materials

Current Scheduled Teachings: ICL 7653: Middle / Secondary Social Studies Curriculum; ICL 7172: Special Methods in Social Studies Education; ICL 7657: History of Social Studies Education; ICL 7658: Seminar in Social Studies Education; ICL 7659: Cold War Education