celia anderson
Celia Anderson, Ph.D.
Math Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002

Brief Biography: Dr. Anderson joined the faculty in Instruction & Curriculum Leadership in 2002. Her area of specialization is Mathematics Education. Her past scholarship focuses on equity in mathematics education; mathematics teacher professional development; and critical race theory in education.

Research Interests: Sociology of urban mathematics education

Current scheduled teachings: ICL 4007 Curriculum/Instruction Secondary Math; ICL 7502 Teaching Math Secondary School; ICL 7508 Seminar in Mathematics Education; ICL 7503 Secondary Math Ed Curriculum

jeff byford
Jeffrey M. Byford, Ph.D.
Social Studies Education
University of Oklahoma, 2002

Brief Biography: Dr. Byford is a professor of social studies education.  He has a background in social studies education and taught high school social studies in Norman, Oklahoma.  Dr. Byford’s research interest and focus includes social studies education and the implementation of content-centered, decision-making curriculum with a primary focus on the cold war.  He is a two-time Fulbright Specialist Scholar (Fall 2010) Chiba University, Chiba, Japan, and (Spring 2014), Vietnam Institute of Educational Science, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Research Interest: Cold war education curriculum and design; socialist education movements in Eastern Europe; values and decision-making materials

Current Scheduled Teachings: ICL 7653: Middle / Secondary Social Studies Curriculum; ICL 7172: Special Methods in Social Studies Education; ICL 7657: History of Social Studies Education; ICL 7658: Seminar in Social Studies Education; ICL 7659: Cold War Education

Katherine Wade-Jaimes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator

Science Education
Georgia State University, 2017

Brief Biography: Dr. Wade-Jaimes joined the Secondary Program in 2017, specializing in science education.  She has a background in civil and environmental engineering and taught physics, chemistry, and engineering at high schools in Oakland, California and Atlanta, Georgia.  Her research focuses on equity in science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education through the lens of identity.  In 2018, she was awarded the Outstanding Doctoral Research Award by NARST: A worldwide organization for improving science teaching and learning through research.

Research Interests: Equity in science / STEM education; broadening participation in and definitions of science; science identity development of teachers and students

Current Scheduled Teachings: ICL 7602: Teaching Science in Secondary School; ICL 7603: Secondary School Science Curriculum; ICL 7608: Seminar in Science Education; ICL 7719: Introduction to STEM Education