MAT Secondary Licensure Coursework Descriptions:

Professional Core: Foundations for Teaching

SPED 7000 - Intro Excptional Learnr (3)
Study of the relevant research dealing with the physical, mental, emotional, and social traits of all types of individuals who are exceptional; consideration of major current problems and practices in the development of various programs. Field Experience: Required. NOTE: Not required if equivalent course taken at the undergraduate level. Substitutions must be approved by advisor.

EDPR 7112 - Adol Psyc Appld Educ (3)
(EDPS 7112-8112). Advanced study of theories and research on the physical, psychological, social, cognitive, and cultural aspects of adolescent development; implications for education, treatment, secondary school personnel, and others who live and work with adolescents.

IDT 7061 - Instructional Design & EdTech (3)
Implementation of common classroom productivity tools to support teaching and learning; Survey of Web and Mobile apps that promote thinking and creativity; Design and development of lesson plans that integrate technology and 21st century skills to promote learning.

ICL 7030 - Assessment & Evaluation (3)
Test construction and methods of evaluation; emphasis on teacher made tests, standardized tests, test administration, test data management, interpretation and application of test data to instructional decisions, and reporting test results to students and parents.

EDPR 7521 - Intro to Educ Research (3)
(EDRS 7521). Introduction to major concepts and processes underlying educational research; focus on knowledge necessary for critically appraising published research and preparing students as research consumers.

Professional Specialization: Strategies for Teaching and Learning

LITL 7545 - Tchg Lit Subject Areas (2-3)
(RDNG 7545). Methods, materials, and organizational patterns by which literacy skills are developed and improved through integration with teaching strategies in subject areas. Additional field hours required. Prerequisite: TEP admission

ICL 7303 - Eng/Lan Comp Secnd Schl (3)
Emphasis on developing and implementing a sequential curriculum in secondary school language and composition. Field Experience: 8 hours. Prerequisite: TEP admission

ICL 7502 - Tchg Mathematics SCED (3)
Consideration of principles and techniques of teaching mathematics in secondary schools including study and evaluation of materials of instruction. Field experience: 8 hours. Prerequisite: TEP admission

ICL 7602 - Tchg Sci Scndry Schl (3)
An examination and analysis of modern science teaching strategies in the secondary school; emphasis on information processing and classroom learning strategies. Field experience: 8 hours. Prerequisite: TEP admission

ICL 7652 - Tchng Soc Std Mid/Sec (3)
Consideration of principles and techniques for teaching secondary social studies. Additional field hours required. PREREQUISITE: TEP admission

ICL 7174 - Spec Mthds For Lang Ed (3)
(Same as LING 7174). Examines theoretical and practical issues relating to teaching of foreign languages K-12 through lectures, reading of current literature, class discussion, guest speakers, etc.; explores role of context in comprehension and learning, listening, reading, oral proficiency, writing, testing, culture, and curriculum. Field Experience: 8 hours. Prerequisite: TEP admission.

Professional Development

ICL 7808 - Clinical Teaching Semester (3-9)
Full-time clinical placement appropriate to candidate's area of licensure providing opportunities to demonstrate professional competencies associated with successful teaching and student achievement. Capstone performance assessment required for successful completion. PREREQUISITE: admission to the TEP, and passing all required licensure exams. COREQUISITE: ICL 7993

ICL 7993 - Professional Seminar (3)
An integrative capstone seminar for advanced post-baccalaureate teacher certification students; students will apply reflective, analytical, and critical thinking to selected issues regarding school curriculum, teaching methods, professional ethics, legal issues, leadership and advocacy, professional relations, communication, and problem solving. Cannot be taken with a methods course. Permit restricted. PREREQUISITE: Passing scores on Praxis II licensure exams including the PLT.

Electives: Only for individuals who are on a Transitional License and/or Degree Seeking

ICL 7653 - Mid/Sec Soc Std Curric (3)
Analysis of programs and curricular materials for secondary social studies education.

ICL 7172 - Spec Mthds Soc Stu Educ (3)
Critical analysis and research on significant issues in the field of secondary social studies education.

ICL 7657 - Hist of Soc Stu Education (3)
Historical examination and analysis of the development of social studies in education.

ICL 7658 - Seminar Soc Stu Education (3)
Survey and evaluation of social and controversial issues and trends in the social studies education.

ICL 7659 - Cold War Education (3)
Historical examination and analysis of the development of American educational movements throughout the Cold War. PREREQUISITE: admission to teacher education program and completion of MAT level one courses.

ICL 7308 - Seminar Engl/Lang Arts (3)
Emphasis on oral and written language models and how these models can be used in the development of a student-centered language arts curriculum. K-12. Field Experience: 8 hours.

ICL 7503 - Secondary Math Ed Curric (3)
Analysis of the secondary mathematics curriculum as it relates to sound educational practices.

ICL 7508 - Sem Mathematics Educ (3)
Study and discussion of selected mathematics education topics of concern or special interest. May be repeated with a change in topics.

ICL 7603 - Secondary Schl Sci Curr (3)
Analysis of secondary science content and materials; emphasis on current concepts of the science curriculum and the selection of appropriate materials for teaching the various sciences.

ICL 7608 - Sem Science Education (3)
A survey of selected problems and topics in science education.